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Full List Of Everyone Who Died And Survived At The Battle Of Winterfell

Emily Brown


Warning: Contains Spoilers

Battle of WinterfellHBO

The epic Battle of Winterfell took place in the latest episode of Game of Thrones, and it saw many characters meet their end. But in case you missed any, we’ve compiled a handy list.


Now, the fact that we have a list of the dead should be indication enough that there’s some big spoilers in this article, but just to make sure I’ve got the message across – don’t read any further if you don’t want to know what happens in episode three.

I don’t want to be the person who ruins what’s potentially the most highly-anticipated television event ever.

Night KingHBO

After a couple of somewhat slow-burning episodes, last night’s Game of Thrones certainly delivered on its promise of intensity. It was essentially 80 minutes of pure action, and while it was challenging to watch, it was even more challenging to make.


The cast and crew spent 55 days working on the battle scenes, which saw a whole host of characters face up to the Night King and his Army of the Dead.

The episode remained gripping from start to finish, through every incredible fight scene as well as the pre-battle preparations, and Arya’s tense journey through Winterfell, which saw her trying to dodge reanimated corpses.


In just 80 minutes, the show lost a number of key players, as well as some more minor characters.


Below is list of everyone who died, as well as exactly how they met their demise at the Battle of Winterfell:

Dolorous Edd – The acting Lord Commander was killed off early in the episode, when he was stabbed by a wight after saving fellow Night’s Watchman, Samwell Tarly.

Lyanna Mormont – The head of House Mormont of Bear Island had one of the most glorious and heroic deaths as she charged bravely up to a wight giant, and stabbed him in the eye when he picked her up. Unfortunately she didn’t survive his giant grip, but her actions certainly weren’t in vain.


Beric Dondarrion – Beric was no stranger to death, having died and been resurrected six times thanks to Thoros of Myr. But when Thoros died in season seven, Beric’s chances of resurrection went out of the window. He met his final end in the latest episode while saving Arya and the Hound from wights.

Theon Greyjoy – Although Theon wasn’t the most likable character at first, he made a good comeback and fought alongside the Stark family in the big battle. He fought off a number of reanimated corpses to protect Bran, before eventually taking his chances against the Night King, who stabbed him to death.

Bran StarkHBO

Ser Jorah Mormont – Jorah made it through most of the battle, but he went down in the closing moments trying to defend Daenerys after she fell from Drogon. In protecting his beloved queen, Jorah took a blade to the chest.

Melisandre – The Red Priestess’s death didn’t come as too much as a surprise, as she’d already predicted her life would end. After using the power of the Lord of Light to help the Army of the Living, she walked straight into the battlefield, where she removed her magic necklace and died.


The Night King – Success! The evil King was finally defeated by Arya, who attemtped to stab him in the back when he went to kill Bran. The Night King caught her mid-air and with a classic switch-a-roo Arya dropped the Valyrian Steel dagger into her opposite hand and stabbed the wight’s supreme leader in the stomach. He met his end, taking all of the wights and White Walkers with him.

dead and alive battle winterfell arya night kingHBO

And here’s everyone that survived the Battle of Winterfell:

Jon Snow – Yes we wanted him to see him kill the Night King and yeah it would’ve been cool to see him stick it to Viserion, but we can’t have it all. It’s like your favourite team winning without your favourite player scoring. Get over it!

Daenerys Targaryen – After falling from Drogon, Ser Jorah gave his life to save his Khaleesi. Will she make her goal to sit on the Iron Throne now her claim has been superseded and her loyalist friend slain?

Arya Stark – Said ‘not today’ to death in the most literal way possible, stabbing up the Night King like he was some undead pin cushion.

Sansa Stark – Winterfell’s smartest cookie sat out the battle, hiding out with her ex-husband down in the crypt.

Ser Brienne of Tarth – Sidestepping predictions that her knighthood by Jaime would immediately be followed by death, Brienne showed her chops, chopping up wights like they were cold cuts.

Jaime Lannister – He fought off the dead with one hand tied behind his back (or rather probably already eaten by Dreadfort rats). We didn’t see him die, so that’s a win in our books.

Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane – The fire almost got a bit much but when he saw Arya in danger he fronted up. CLEGANEBOWL IS ON!!!

Tyrion Lannister – He may have shown his mettle at the Battle of the Blackwater but he sat this one out down in the crypt with his ex-wife, Sansa. Could’ve been super awks. Was surpringly touching.

Varys – Another one to sit out the ruck for not being known as a fighter. Melisandre predicted his death at Winterfell. How long he will last remains to be seen.

Torumund Giantsbane – That giant’s milk doesn’t count for nothing. Now we await the conclusion of Winterfell’s most interesting love triangle.

Grey Worm – Predicitons were wildly off for the most-predicted to be pegging it leader of the Unsullied.

Missandei – Another happy ending to end too soon was missed. You two should get on the next boat to Naarth.

Samwell Tarley – The famed Slayer of a White Walker didn’t do much damage this time around, but lives to see another day.

Ser Davos Seaworth – An Onion King not a fighter, he’s survived many battles including the one of Winterfell. He didn’t get to kill Melisandre for her sacrifice of Shireen Baratheon, but watched as the dust fell from the battle and Melisandre fall to her ‘oh yeah, she’s actually really bloody old, isn’t she’ death.

Gendry – Will the houses of Baratheon and Stark finally unite on a good footing, like officially? Anything’s possible if Cersei is finally felled.


Podrick Payne – Our big lad showed he could handle himself against the Army of the Dead.

Gilly – She survived the night in the crypt with little Sam, and coming from Craster’s Keep has had enough dealings with wights for two lifetimes.

Drogon & Rhaegal – Drogon embraced his mum as she held Ser Jorah as he fell. We may not have had a big red/blue fire showdown, but they’ve got to keep something in the tank to take King’s Landing.

Ghost – Winterfell’s best boy ran into imminent death with the Dothraki at the start of the battle but was seen back at the ranch once he’d done his business. You can relax now.

Honourable Mention To All The Rest – Pretty certain they don’t have access to UNILAD in Westeros, but for those who didn’t get a character name, a line of dialogue or much more than a silhouette on the screen. You nailed it too.

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Emily Brown
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