Friends Is Finally Coming To Netflix

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Tim Horner

If you thought peeling your backside off your sofa in 2017 was hard, do we have great news for your couch groove for 2018 – Friends is coming to Netflix!

Yes, the decade defining TV show is hitting the streaming service if a not so subtle tweet is anything to go by.


Netflix UK tweeted on Saturday evening a message dripping with so much context even Joey would get it after a few minutes.

Netflix wrote:

The One with the Show Everyone’s Been Asking Us to Add.


For those uneducated in the ways of the 1990s and the hit American show, each episode is titled in this format, e.g. ‘The One with the Butt’, ‘The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel’, ‘The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs’. See where I’m going with this.

For those who suffer from the birth defect of not being alive in the 1990s to appreciate what a cultural touchstone Friends was, it was the show everybody watched.

Way back before there were hundreds of channels of rubbish and the on demand capabilities broadband now allows.


Friends showed the world how it was for six twenty-something mates who somehow lived in massive apartments in the middle of Manhattan, New York, despite mainly having dead-end jobs – a joke they weren’t afraid to make at their unrealistic setup and one completely unimaginable now.

It’s a time capsule proving there was a life of landline telephones, ill fitting shirts, ill fitting trousers and great gags before the world went weird at the end of the last decade.

Since the show finished in 2004, originally airing on Channel 4 in the UK, repeats have been broadcast almost daily on channels E4 and more recently Comedy Central.

The fact that people are going crazy about it coming to Netflix, in spite of it never really going away, goes to show the depth of love folk have for the show around the world.


Netflix hasn’t announced an airdate just yet, but we’re going to get a Joey Special, (two pizzas to you youngsters) and sit tight with these guys and await the news.


Of course, some couldn’t help pointing out the obvious:

Well, Rossko Bells – if that is your real name – people have been missing it and we can’t wait to watch it on demand on Netflix.

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Tim Horner
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