Fans ‘Spot’ The Joker In New Trailer For The Batman

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Fans 'Spot' The Joker In New Trailer For The BatmanWarner Bros./DC Comics

Fans think The Joker is lurking in the new international trailer for Robert Pattinson’s The Batman.

Pattinson’s debut as the Dark Knight is closing in. There’s been a bedrock of hype ever since the first DC Fandome teaser, eclipsed by this year’s whopper of a trailer. Remember when he stormed down the pitch-black hallway, ploughing through goons in a hail of bullets? That’s the good stuff.

Warner Bros. Japan recently dropped its own trailer for The Batman, equipped with new footage of Paul Dano’s Riddler and maybe, just maybe, our first glimpse at the Clown Prince of Crime.


For the record, The Joker’s appearance in movie hasn’t been confirmed. However, the rumour mill has long held that Eternals star Barry Keoghan is the next actor to bring the villain to life.

A brief moment in the trailer appears to show a mysterious figure with a menacing smile behind Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne. ‘Can be is it him… reference to the Joker,’ one user suggested. ‘And there is someone with a Joker-esque creepy smile behind Bruce in this shot,’ another wrote.

‘Right, call me reaching, but to me, that looks like Barry Keoghan, gets me thinking that what if Joker is someone who is more like a stalker figure and he’s really watching Bruce. Would be f*cking mint in my opinion,’ a third suggested.

There’s also the small matter of that laugh at the end of the trailer. It’s more likely to be Riddler’s, but some also believe it could be The Joker.

Unlike some comic book movie rumours, Keoghan’s appearance as the Joker has more to it: The Hollywood Reporter recently alleged Warner Bros. has been testing two different cuts of the film with a ‘certain actor, one without’; and the star’s brother seemed to confirm his role as The Joker in a social media post.

The Batman hits cinemas on March 4, 2022. 

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