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Ezra Miller’s speedy superhero brings some much-needed calm to DC Comics

Ezra Miller’s speedy superhero brings some much-needed calm to DC Comics

After months of waiting for the DC Comics adaptations, The Flash finally speeds into cinemas with Ezra Miller and Michael Keaton.

After all the drama surrounding DC adaptations, The Flash does the unthinkable: create a comicbook-worthy multiverse.

With so many competing stories and character arcs, it’s no mean feat that the speedy superhero has brought some much-needed calm to the DC cinematic universe.

However, it’s not Ezra Miller who steals the show, but instead the fan-pleasing cameos teased in the original trailer.

Much like Batman before him, The Flash opens with Barry Allen (Miller) desperate to change the past and avoid the tragic death of his mother.

Travelling at super speed, the iconic red and gold speedster journeys back in time and inadvertently creates a future without some of DC’s biggest heroes.

Without the likes of Superman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman to guide him, Allen must find other allies to defeat a resurrected General Zod (Michael Shannon).

It’s here where the film really takes flight, with Michael Keaton reprising his role as Batman after a 30-year hiatus.

Despite the long break, the 71-year-old effortlessly becomes the Dark Knight, completing stunts and aerial manoeuvres most twenty-somethings would struggle with.

Keaton also has way more fun the second time around, with some brilliant fish-out-of-water moments as Bruce Wayne struggles to come out of retirement.

He’s not the only one who shines in the highly anticipated flick.

Michael Keaton gives a scene-stealing performance as Batman.
Warner Brothers

Sasha Calle masterfully fills the Henry Cavill-shaped hole as Supergirl. While she might have an entire multiverse on her shoulders, her fight scenes against General Zod are incredible and provide much of the emotional heart of the film.

It’s impressive considering she’s opposite Shannon’s arch-villain, who is still terrifying a decade on from Man of Steel.

Another huge draw for the film is the sheer amount of cameos from across DC Comics' various iterations.

Without giving too much away, there are some incredible appearances, which thankfully have yet to be spoiled, which come across as fun rather than pure fan service.

Rather than another generic origin story, The Flash has a super mix of old and new, which proves way more fun overall.

Even the score includes samples of Danny Elfman’s nostalgic scores from the Tim Burton Batman films, alongside Benjamin Wallfisch’s modern themes.

Here’s hoping fans get to see The Flash before the summer’s other big heroes arrive on the big screen.


The Flash is out in cinemas now.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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