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Doja Cat Asked Noah Schnapp To Help Her Slide Into Stranger Things Co-Star's DMs
Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Netflix

Doja Cat Asked Noah Schnapp To Help Her Slide Into Stranger Things Co-Star's DMs

Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp was enlisted to help singer Doja Cat get closer to a castmate.

Slight spoilers for Stranger Things season four. Be careful!

When you want to slide into someone's DMs but can't find them it's always handy to have a mutual friend to ask.

Luckily for 'Kiss Me More' singer Doja Cat, when she wanted to get in touch with Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn, there was someone she could turn to for help.

That someone was Noah Schnapp, who has played Will Byers on the hugely popular Netflix show ever since the beginning.

While he spent the first season stuck in the upside down and largely removed from the action, Schnapp has had more to do with each passing season and had plenty of emotional scenes to wrap up season four.

It's not hard to see why Doja Cat is interested, as Quinn has quickly won the hearts of legions of Stranger Things fans with his performance as Eddie Munson.

Quinn wowed audiences with his incredible performance of Metallica's Master of Puppets in the season finale is being touted as one of the most iconic in all four seasons of the show.

Singer and rapper Doja Cat enlisted Noah Schnapp's help to slide into a Stranger Things co-star's DMs.

Schnapp revealed the request when he posted a screenshot of to his TikTok of Doja Cat asking him how to find Quinn online with the caption 'thirsty doja'.

He started the video with a screenshot of a fan posting to 'look how fine Joseph Quinn is' with the singer replying that it was 'f*****g criminal' how good he looked.

The Stranger Things star then switched over to a screenshot of his DMs showing Doja Cat asking 'Noah can u tell Joseph to hmu' closely followed by 'wait no. does he have a gf?'.

Schnapp was all for playing the role of cupid, encouraging Doja Cat to get in touch by telling her 'LMAOO slide into his dms'.

The Kiss Me More singer fired back 'idk his ig or twitter, he doesn't have a dm to slide in'.

Audiences have quickly fallen in love with Stranger Thing star Joseph Quinn, and it seems like Doja Cat has too.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending as Schnapp duly provided the singer with his co-star's Instagram details with the parting message of 'Right here, ma'am'.

According to the Independent, Quinn doesn't spent all that much time on social media, explaining that he doesn't have a TikTok profile and calling his exposure to social media 'minimal'.

If and when Doja Cat does slide into them DMs, it probably won't even be Quinn who sees her message.

The Stranger Things newcomer has revealed his Instagram account is 'managed by a friend', so someone else will have to deal with the 'Kiss Me More' singer.

While Quinn was sadly killed off at the end of his debut season of Stranger Things, Quinn has jokingly said he'll be 'furious' if he doesn't make some sort of appearance in the fifth and final season of the show.

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