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James Gunn responds to bizarre rumor infamous porn star will play Lex Luthor

James Gunn responds to bizarre rumor infamous porn star will play Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor... more like Sex Luthor!

After Henry Cavill’s dramatic exit from the DC Universe, there has been a lot of speculation about the Superman: Legacy film.

In fact, it’s gotten so bad that James Gunn has had to respond to the bizarre rumor that a famous porn star will play Lex Luthor. (Yes, really!)

Whilst the titular superhero might be famous for running around in his underpants, it seems the villain won’t be as the studio exec hit back the claim.

It’s after adult film actor Johnny Sins was tipped to play the comic book villain, with fans even reacting to the possible Lex Luthor casting.

Whilst it might sound like a bad fan fiction, it’s, um, hard not to imagine Sins as the supervillain when you see what he looks like.

For those who don’t frequent X-rated sites, the porn star has a bald head and strong jawline just like the comic book character.

The adult star himself poked fun at the casting rumor.

Sadly though, Sins won’t be swapping the mobile screen for the big screen anytime soon.

Despite how ridiculous the rumor was, DC Studios exec James Gunn still responded to a fan on Twitter when asked about the possible adult addition to Superman: Legacy.

To which, the filmmaker flatly replied: “Oh my God, you can't possibly believe that."

Even Sins, whose real name is Steven Wolfe, rubbished the rumour in a recent tweet.

Sharing an article about his ‘casting’, the adult actor then wrote: “Haha lets go.”

Whilst Sins might have been ruled out as Lex Luthor, fans have continued to speculate about who will step into the supervillain’s shoes.

Currently, Skins actor Nicholas Hoult is the favourite to don the infamous bald cap in the latest big-screen adaptation.

If he was cast as the comic book character, he would follow in the footsteps of Jesse Eisenberg, Kevin Spacey and Jean Hackman.

Gunn has hit back the Superman: Legacy rumour.
Getty/Kevin Winter

Though his casting is still unconfirmed, DC Studios have announced which actor will play the caped crusader in the next entry in the comic book franchise.

David Corenswet will take over from Henry Cavill, who had portrayed the titular superhero since 2013's Superman: Man of Steel.

Meanwhile, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel actor Rachel Brosnahan will appear as journalist and love interest Lois Lane.

Similar to earlier iterations of the characters, their storyline will centre around Superman’s origins and how he comes to terms with his Kryptonian heritage alongside his upbringing as a human.

With so much controversy already surrounding the upcoming film though, it’s hard not to root for the anti-hero.

Featured Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images/ DC comics

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