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David Harbour Blurts Out Fate Of Hopper After Grilling During Live Sketch

Emily Brown

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David Harbour Blurts Out Fate Of Hopper After Grilling During Live SketchNetflix

David Harbour, aka Hopper from Stranger Things, spoke about the fate of his character during a live sketch on Saturday Night Live

Last time we saw Hopper was at the end of season three of the Netflix series, when he was faced with a very powerful, futuristic laser-like machine that was being used to try and reopen the Upside-Down.


Despite Joyce Buyers’ hesitations, she had to shut down the machine while the police chief was in its path and *spoiler alert* Hopper disappeared in the midst of the electricity-fuelled chaos.

Check out what Harbour had to say about the fate of his character below:


It would be easy to assume Hopper had died as a result of the out-of-control machine, but as we never saw a lifeless body, we can’t confidently say he met his end.


Though fans have been left guessing, the actor offered an insight into the true fate of the fiery police chief during a Stranger Things parody sketch on Saturday Night Live this weekend (October 12).

Harbour lead cameras on a walk-and-talk of the studio and immediately encountered a portal to what Kate McKinnon feared was the Upside Down. The 44-year-old braved the unknown and went through it to where he encountered Pete Davidson.

Hopper Stranger ThingsNetflix

Davidson started grilling the actor about what happened to Hopper in the final episode of season three, asking:


Hey, didn’t you like die in [the Upside-Down] at the end of the show?

Are you dead, or…?

Harbour quickly responded with an ‘er, no’, before saying ‘I mean’ and continuing on to stumble over his words as he tried to explain he wasn’t ‘authorised’ to talk about it.

David Harbour talks about the fate of HopperSaturday Night Live/NBC

Obviously the reaction was part of the skit, but I’d say his admission about Hopper’s survival is enough to give fans hope that we might see him again in season four.


The actor added:

Just watch the show, you’ll find out next season.

Last month, a teaser trailer for the new season of Stranger Things was released, revealing ‘we’re not in Hawkins anymore’.

Check it out here:



As Hopper disappeared from view during the last episode, could it be possible he’s left Hawkins and gone to wherever the teaser is referring to?

Unfortunately we’ll have to just wait and see.

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Saturday Night Live/YouTube
  1. Saturday Night Live/YouTube

    David Harbour Monologue - SNL

Emily Brown
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