David Attenborough Confirms He Won’t Ever Return To Instagram


David Attenborough Confirms He Won't Ever Return To Instagramdavidattenborough/Instagram/PA Images

David Attenborough revealed that he likes to keep things old school by responding to letters on BBC Radio 1, confessing that he will never return to Instagram. 

For many, David Attenborough is a national treasure but the broadcaster revealed that he will not be keeping up with Instagram. Speaking to Greg James and year five student Harry on Radio 1, Attenborough discussed animals, his experiences and why he prefers to respond to letters than go online.

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Attenborough talked about his Instagram experience and how he likes to communicate with fans:

I was persuaded … to do a message about conservation. So for a limited period of time I did contribute to Instagram, but I’m off now. And I don’t intend to go back.

It seems that Attenborough prefers to respond to letters and he claims he receives around 70 a day. Nonetheless, he said that ‘If you enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope’ he would be delighted to respond,


The broadcaster then went on to take more questions about his experiences. Including which animal he has found the scariest.

It turns out that Attenborough isn’t too fond of elephants and reflected on his experience with them:

They come running at you at the speed of a motor car, ears flapping and trunk up.

But of course, people who are experts in these things know perfectly well that elephants make dummy charges. And that was a dummy charge, just saying ‘don’t get any nearer’. And I didn’t!

Four Elephants (Loxodonta Africana) In Line Drinking From River; BotswanaPA Images

As the interview progressed, Attenborough discussed the exciting scenes in his new programme A Perfect Planet. The show filmed Vampire Finches that have adopted a new habit of drinking the blood of larger birds.

Aside from the scarier parts of nature, Attenborough also discussed the impact of humans on the environment.

Attenborough explained his ethos when it comes to protecting the environment:

One of the best mottos is ‘don’t waste things.’

Don’t waste food, don’t waste electricity, don’t waste gas. Don’t waste paper. All those things make demands on the planet. And if we all lived more economically, the world would be a much better place.


It seems that David Attenborough is as passionate as ever about preserving natural life across the world. Many will agree with the sentiments of not wasting items and being scared of charging elephants, although some fans will now be disappointed that they can’t slide into the DMs of the beloved broadcaster.

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