Cast Of German Big Brother Will Now Be Told About Coronavirus Pandemic

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Cast Of German Big Brother Will Now Be Told About Coronavirus PandemicSat.1

Housemates taking part in Germany’s Big Brother will finally be told of the coronavirus pandemic, after weeks of living unaware of the effect the virus is having around the world.

Most of the contestants taking part in the reality show have been completely oblivious to what has been going on in the outside world since they entered the house on February 6.

Any new contestants who have joined the Big Brother house since the original start date have been told not to reveal anything to those already in the house.

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There are currently close to 7,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Germany, with 14 people having died from the flu-like illness, according to BBC News.

In the same way as every other international series of Big Brother, producers have been adhering to a strict policy that forbids them to relay any news from the outside world unless it relates to the death of a family member.

However, following a backlash over their decision to keep housemates in the dark about the spread of coronavirus, the network has now decided to air a special live episode tonight, Tuesday, March 17, where contestants are informed about the global pandemic.

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According to reports in German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, housemates will be allowed to ask questions in a bid to try and process what is going on, and they will also receive a video message from their relatives.

For anyone who speaks or can understand German, this episode is definitely going to be worth a watch.

Yesterday, March 16, Sat.1 – the German broadcaster that airs the show – defended its decision not to tell housemates, saying only under certain circumstances would they tell the contestants.

A spokesperson told Süddeutsche Zeitung:

Of course, the residents will be informed if there is reason to do so. Which information is given to the residents from outside is also decided in exchange with the relatives.

The contestants are currently residing in two houses in Ossendorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, one of the hardest-hit states in the country with regards to COVID-19.

Tonight, Sat.1 will air the live episode in which the housemates are informed of the severity of the pandemic. During the episode, housemates will be able to ask questions about the pandemic and receive messages from family on the outside, The Guardian reports. Producers have also said there are ‘special hygiene measures’ in place throughout both BB house to protect contestants.

It’s okay to not panic. LADbible and UNILAD’s aim with our coronavirus campaign, Cutting Through, is to provide our community with facts and stories from the people who are either qualified to comment or have experienced first-hand the situation we’re facing. For more information from the World Health Organization on coronavirus, click here.

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