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Below Deck crew member fired after crawling into bed with drunk and 'unconscious' co-star in latest episode

Below Deck crew member fired after crawling into bed with drunk and 'unconscious' co-star in latest episode

And he wasn't the only deckie to be fired over the incident

A Below Deck Down Under crew member was fired after trying to sneak into the bed of an 'unconscious' and drunk stewardess.

In a clip from the show, Luke Jones was found trying to get into bed with his incapacitated colleague and co-star, Margot Sisson, 'without consent'.

This was despite chief steward, Aesha Scott, and the production team repeatedly telling him to leave the room.

He was later fired alongside another colleague, who said that he should have just been 'given a warning'.

While out for dinner in Cairns, Australia, Sisson told deckhand, Harry Van Vliet, that she felt 'really drunk'.

After a cuddle from Jones in the back of their cab back to the dock, Scott told deckhand, Culver Bradbury, that she just wanted to 'chaperone her a bit.'

Sisson told Jones: "No, let's go," making it clear that she wanted 'to go to bed' without a bunk mate.

Scott then took Sisson back to her cabin and assured her junior that she wouldn't allow her to be 'taken advantage of.'

Production was forced to step in.

"I'd just like to see you get into bed safely," she said as she tucked her in and brought her some water.

While Scott was still in the room, Luke, wearing only his boxers, came in and asked Sisson to come to the hot tub.

Shaken, Scott told Sisson: "I just saw the way that Luke was looking at you, and I'm feeling very protective."

A drunk Sisson showed no sign of wanting to spend time with him, saying: "I am glad that you're here. I don't want to go in the jacuzzi, I want to go bed. All I want is water and bed, no Luke."

Chief stew, Aesha, was protective over her junior.

After a brief dip, Luke made another naked attempt to get into bed with his colleague as she slept in her underwear alone.

Producers then stepped in and asked him to leave Sisson alone.

"Can you f**k off for a second?" Jones said angrily, slamming the door repeatedly before climbing into her bunk.

The unseen producer replied: "We can't do that, she said no, she said no," before he was removed from the room.

When Scott told Sisson what had happened, it became clear that she'd been unaware of what was happening.

"Oh my God. Ew, he was naked?" she asked.

Scott said: "Did you consent to him being in here?"

Two staff members were fired over the incident.

Then came the kicker from Sisson, who said: "No, I was asleep. I did not invite that at all."

Scott was then forced to tell Captain Jason Chambers that Jones had tried to 'take advantage of Margot's drunkenness' and that she was 'completely unconscious'.

After checking Sisson was safe, Chambers went to Jones' room and told him to go to a hotel.

The next morning, the remainder of the crew were informed that Jones' employment was being terminated and spoke to them about consent, boundaries and the rules aboard.

When Chambers fired Jones, he simply said: "I accept that" and added that he 'was sorry' and 'disappointed' in himself.

But that wasn't the end of it, as second steward, Laura Bileskalne, apparently showed 'little respect and empathy' toward her colleague.

She had even told Sisson that Jones' termination 'wasn't fair', and claimed he was simply 'joking' and 'drunk' and his penalty should have been a 'warning'.

Chambers subsequently fired Bileskalne for refusing to respect boundaries.

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