Bear Grylls Survival Race Is Being Sued For £150,000

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Bear Grylls Survival Race Is Being Sued For £150,000 (PA)PA Images

Former gymnast Margot Harrison is suing Bear Grylls’ survival race after she shattered her shin bone at a survival race event.

58-year-old Margot Harrison took part in a 5km obstacle course designed by TV’s Bear Grylls. Unfortunately, she fell off the monkey rings and her right leg was left looking like a ‘stamped on digestive biscuit’. The accident happened 15 minutes into the course and also dislocated her shoulder.


On the back of the incident, which took place in north London in October 2016, legal action has been taken. However, course organisers Business Consultants Ltd and promoters Big Bang Promotions International Ltd deny any accountability.

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Before the race, Margot Harrison’s personal trainer had ‘confidence’ in her ability to complete the course. They told The Sun, ‘We thought it would be a nice thing for a group of gym members to do something like this together.’ They went on to note that they ‘had visions of us supporting each other going down the obstacles, but obviously, sadly that didn’t happen.’

The reported issue with the monkey rings was that it was unclear whether they should be tackled from a seating or a standing position. Ms Harrison explained that marshals hadn’t instructed people how to approach the obstacle and as a result, ‘people were going from standing and I assumed that was the right starting position’.


Ms Harrison noted that while on the rings she had a sudden ‘shock to my shoulder and that’s when I let go’. After this, she landed on the hard ground and damaged her leg. She can now only walk a couple of miles before starting to limp and she has also suffered depression after her accident.

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The former gymnast claims the marshals were negligible because they did not tell competitors to take a seated position. Additionally, it has found further support after two other injuries were reported to have happened on the courses. As a result, it was felt that there was a case against the organisers and promoters.

In response to Harrison’s claims, the defence counsel of Big Bang, Angus Withington, said:


Whilst it is unfortunate that Ms Harrison suffered injuries, this was not due to any negligence on the part of Intuitive Business Consultants or Big Bang Promotions International and it is simply the result of the inherent risk associated with this type of adventurous activity.

The defence also claimed the participants could forfeit any of the obstacles they were not comfortable with.

The Judge in this case will reserve judgement on the case until a later date.

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    Bear Grylls survival race sued for £150k after mum’s leg ‘smashed like stamped on digestive biscuit’

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