‘Batwoman’ PA Reveals Why Ruby Rose Was Actually Fired

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Contrary to Ruby Rose’s revelation in the last few days as to why she left Batwoman, a production assistant for the show has spoken out about his view of the events.

At the time of her being replaced by Javicia Leslie, it was thought that Rose’s departure was to do with injuries she sustained on set in 2019, which saw her spinal cord almost severed.

However, over a year later, Rose took to Instagram in a series of explosive posts, to explain their experience prior to leaving the show ahead of its second series. Amongst multiple accusations, they condemned the show’s working conditions as being unsafe and hostile.

A production assistant who worked on season one of Batwoman has since spoken out about Rose’s own behaviour on set, contradicting her statement and brandishing the Australian actor ‘a dictator’.

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In a statement, CEO and founder of Constellate Films, Alexander J. Baxter, who worked on season one of the series, called the production company ‘professional, dialled in, and in every way fantastic’, CBR reports.

He noted how he ‘was so excited’ when the job had come up and ‘jumped at the opportunity’ to get involved in Batwoman. He said how the crew were ‘lovely, hard-working and dedicated to countless night shoots, it sounded to be an amazing experience in the making’ but then commented, ‘then came Ruby Rose’.

According to Baxter, Rose ‘began her first day on the show not acknowledging a single crewmember besides anyone above the line.’

He said:

And as the days stretched on, the 18 hour Saturdays for some of us and the crew, things got worse. She showed up late most days, didn’t have her lines memorised, and whenever she interacted with anyone below the line, production assistant, LX crew, grips, it was as though we were beneath her boots.

Baxter accused Rose of having ‘stormed off set’, ‘yelled at people’ and having ‘disregarded’ production assistants ‘as the trash [they] picked up’.

Amongst other incidents, Baxter claimed that after working ‘over 15 hours […] in the freezing cold weather’, he once held open the door for Rose, only to have her drop her food and then ‘storm off’, leaving him to ‘clean up her mess’.

‘This is what it felt like working beneath Ruby: cleaning up her mess. She never thanked us, she only made demands that left us all exhausted emotionally and physically,’ he said.

Baxter branded Rose a ‘dictator to work for’, an ‘entitled tyrant’ and even admitted he had thought about ‘quitting’ the industry as a result of his alleged experience with the star.

He alleged that a friend of Rose revealed to him the extent of her partying lifestyle, ‘getting high on all assortments of drugs’ even when she had to show up to set, which Baxter stated she often did ‘eight hours late’.

Due to her alleged conduct, Baxter noted the ‘countless long days, always going into overtime’, as a result of Rose’s behaviour.

According to Baxter, any newcomer to the show was made to feel ‘uneasy and unsupported’ by the ‘horrible star’, despite how ‘filmmakers, no matter what position they are on a film set, deserve to be treated with respect’.

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In response to having read Rose’s own claims on what occurred during her time filming, Baxter said he was left ‘infuriated’. ‘I don’t wanna stand by and let her badmouth a company that she tried to screw over,’ he said.

‘No matter how bad your day, you have no right to be cruel. And season one was her reign of cruelty,’ he concluded.

Rose accused the show of threatening to fire her after her neck surgery if she didn’t return to set in 10 days. She also claimed that co-star Dougray Scott abused women on set of the show and that another production assistant was left paralyzed as a result of the production not being shut down by showrunner Caroline Dries amid the pandemic.

She named Scott, Dries, former Warner Bros. Television Group Chairman Peter Roth and Berlanti Productions’ Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter in her accusations.

Alongside Baxter’s response to Rose’s claims, WBTV called the Australian actor’s explosive posts ‘revisionist history’ and ‘defamatory’.

However, a Reddit thread shows support for both sides of the story, with a number of people claiming to have worked on the first season of Batwoman, and others opening up about similar experiences on other sets.

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