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Andrew Garfield Reveals How Spider-Man Pointing Pic Happened

Andrew Garfield Reveals How Spider-Man Pointing Pic Happened

Andrew Garfield shares the story behind the Spider-Man pointing pic

Andrew Garfield has shared the story behind the iconic Spider-Man: Now Way Home cast recreation of the pointing meme.

Yep, that's right, Garfield has shed some light on how everyone's favourite meme was made IRL.

The news comes as buzz around No Way Home continues, with fans hoping the film could snag two Oscars: one for best Best Visual Effects; and hopefully the Fan Favourite award.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Garfield opened up about how the meme was remade.

While Garfield admitted having three Spideys in the same place at the same time was bound to happen, they were actually pretty lucky to get the final shot.

He said, 'Oh, no, it was always gonna happen. I think everyone was like, 'How do we do the meme? How do we do the meme?' So before we shot anything, we just did a photoshoot of the three of us pointing at each other.'

Honestly, what a great way to get back into character.

But according to Garfield, he and fellow Spideys Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire struggled to keep their cool.

Garfield added that he 'knew they must've got one good shot, because we were all just cracking up so much. We couldn't quite contain ourselves'.

Well, we're glad they managed to get a decent shot, because honestly if that meme isn't the perfect picture for No Way Home we don't know what is.

People were obviously thrilled about the recreation online, with one fan tweeting another picture of the three Spider-Men, saying, 'Perfection... Thank you so much for them... This meme.. all things in the movie. Perfect.'

Others couldn't even believe the meme was real, saying, 'It doesn’t even look f*cking real at this point but I know it is, but something won’t click in my head that this really did happen l.'

To be fair, it does look a little photoshopped — but we'll take it.

Another commented on what an excellent marketing strategy the picture was, commenting, 'Using the Spider-Man pointing meme that actually features Tobey, Tom and Andrew as a way to promote the home release of No Way Home is probably the smartest marketing strategy of all time'.

The picture was posted to the official No Way Home Twitter to promote the digital and Blu-ray release of the film, which promises to have extra behind-the-scenes footage for fans.

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Featured Image Credit: ARP Films/@SpiderManMovie/Twitter

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