Andrew Garfield Leak From Spider-Man: No Way Home Is Real According To Experts

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Andrew Garfield Leak From Spider-Man: No Way Home Is Real According To ExpertsCorridor Crew/YouTube

According to experts, the leak of Andrew Garfield from Spider-Man: No Way Home is definitely real. 

VFX experts have taken to YouTube to investigate whether the leaked clip is real or not.

It may appear to look like Garfield wrapped up in his classic Spider-Man suit, but the actor himself has claimed that it was a Photoshop – but was he telling the truth, or was it all a cover-up?

Prepare to have your mind utterly bamboozled.

Andrew Garfield Leaked Clip Spider Man - THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, Andrew Garfield, as Spider-Man, 2012. ph: Jamie Trueblood/©Columbia Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection Alamy

The experts, called the Corridor Crew, begin the video by explaining that they are going to ‘break down’ the clip ‘pixel by pixel’ in order to find out if it is fake or real.

Sam explained how ‘weird’ it was when the clip first came out, because it ‘very clearly appears to be Andrew Garfield’.

Yet in an interview with Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, Garfield claimed that it was a definitely a Photoshop.

Instead, to cut through ‘that conflicting information’, Niko detailed how the pair would get to the bottom of its authenticity.

Sam invited followers to go through the ‘critical thinking process’ so that next time something like it happened again, users could be well prepared and ‘figure it out for [themselves]’.

From discussing the camera used in the clip, which looked like ‘an actual cinema camera or high quality camera’, to the possibility of the recording being a ripping from behind-the-scenes footage, the experts can be seen picking apart the image to try and identify its true source.

Andrew Garfield Fake Clip - Actor Andrew Garfield messes around with friends dressed in Spider Man masks at the world premiere of The Amazing Spiderman 2 in central London, April 10, 2014. REUTERS/Olivia Harris (BRITAIN - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)Alamy

When comparing the footage to original footage of The Amazing Spider-Man, the pair of experts pointed out that’s there’s ‘big differences between the two’. From Garfield looking younger to his hairstyle, the main thing that Niko highlighted was the contrast in Garfield’s hair.

‘They wouldn’t just have a different hairdo for one day on set here, so this is most likely new footage,’ he said.

Furthermore, Garfield’s face was noted as being ‘slightly blurrier’ and a different resolution to his costume, but Sam attributed this to the effect of the file being possibly compressed into an MP4.

Online publications at the time branded the clip as a ‘deep fake’, however Niko said that if it was, it would be the ‘best deep fake [he] had ever seen’.

Referencing a previous Tom Cruise deep fake, Niko noted how many shots used to create such a video are taken with different focal lengths, such as close-ups with a ‘telephoto lens that tends to flatten everything’, which give a ‘flatten nose’ effect and lack of perspective. Back into the Garfield leak, the experts then weighed in on the nature of the lighting in the supposed ‘Garfield’ shot.

Sam also revealed that another user @alex_cerrato had come forward to claim the clip as his own deep fake. However, whether Cerrato was indeed the mystery man, was soon made apparent…

The investigatory video concluded by Niko explaining how he would approach faking the clip, but while he admitted it ‘could be faked’ and would be a ‘very, very, very good fakery’, he stated that he didn’t think the leaked clip was a ‘deep fake’ due to how it would require a ‘ton of artistry’.

However, Sam also noted how it also ‘probably isn’t a leak’. ‘If I was a movie studio, what’s going to get more press, an official photo released or a leaked one?’ he said.

The pair joked that the whole video had in fact been an advert for the film, brought to followers by Disney and Spider-Man, before showing another ‘preview’ of the upcoming release.

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Corridor Crew/ YouTube
  1. Corridor Crew/ YouTube

    Andrew Garfield Spiderman is Real - VFX Artists Explain Why

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