American Horror Story Season 10 Will Be ‘Different’ To Previous Seasons Says Star


American Horror Story Season 10 Will Be 'Different' To Previous Seasons Says StarFX

American Horror Story star Finn Wittrock says the 10th season will ‘different’ compared to the show’s earlier stories.

Ryan Murphy’s fan-favourite, grisly series last aired in 2019 with its ninth season, 1984. However, due to the pandemic, movement on the 10th season has been far slower.


What do we know about AHS season 10 so far? Not much, really. Among the very few teases from the showrunner, the sea seems to be a key component, as well as people with sharp teeth. Vampires? Nightmarish mermaids? We’ll soon find out.

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Wittrock, who played Dandy Mott in the Freak Show season, recently told Entertainment Weekly: ‘I think this is okay to say, I think the suspense in this and the tight, constrained nature of the story is different than other seasons. I was really interested in trying to mount the pressure in the right way, if that makes sense. It is different in tone than a lot of the other seasons.’


The star also played Tristan Duffy and Rudolph Valentino in season five’s Hotel, as well as Jether in Roanoke and Bobby Richter in 1984. As for his character in season 10, he remained tight-lipped, but said it’s ‘the most normal person’ he’s played on this show, but added: That’s not saying much.’

Finn Wittrock as Dandy MottFX

Wittrock will appear alongside a roster of AHS familiar faces and newbies, such as Sarah Paulson, Macaulay Culkin, Kathy Bates, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Evan Peters, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe and Angelica Ross.

Discussing Culkin’s casting, Murphy earlier told E! News: ‘You know, it came about just because it’s how I always do things where I have always loved Macaulay Culkin’s work. I loved everything that he’s done, I love the stuff he did in Home Alone, I also loved the sort of the older, more recent stuff that he did. And he hasn’t worked in a while.’

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He added: ‘I told them the character and I told him he has crazy, erotic sex with Kathy Bates and does other things. And he paused and he goes… this sounds like the role I was born to play. So, he signed up right then and there.’

Wittrock said: ‘What’s fun about this show is that no two things are ever the same. It’s like… do you wanna come in and do this single episode or do you wanna come in and be the lead of this season? Do you wanna come be a crazy psycho killer? Do you wanna come in and be this relatively normal dad? You just never know what you’re gonna get.’


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