Adult Swim Makes Fun Of Fans In Rick And Morty Mid-Season Premiere

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Adult Swim Makes Fun Of Fans In Rick And Morty Mid-Season PremiereAdult Swim

The mid-season premiere of Rick And Morty has finally arrived, following five months of patient waiting from loyal fans.

True to form, things got pretty meta, offering plenty of self-aware commentary on the vast and surreal world of fan theories floating around in the non-animated world.

Episode six of season four, entitled Never Ricking Morty, took a self-reflective approach, appearing to poke more than a bit of fun at fans who read too deeply into episodes.

Rick and MortyAdult Swim

With structure thrown out of the window, the episode follows the ongoing adventures of Rick Sanchez and grandson Morty (Justin Roiland) as they realise they are trapped inside a train which will never stop.

After Morty comments on how the narrative is becoming too meta, Rick scolds, ‘You’re 14. You watch videos of people on YouTube reacting to f*cking YouTube! I’ll be the judge of when we get too meta.’

Fans were later left surprised when it’s revealed the train is a literary device rather than an actual vehicle, with Rick and Morty facing off a villain called ‘Story Lord’.

Story Lord – humorously described as ‘Matrix space Frasier’ by Rick – becomes enraged by how the duo have changed the structural guide set out for them, using their own distinct style instead.

During the altercation, the adventurers end up tumbling into alternate realities. This includes one where Rick is employed as a college professor, while reminding Morty, ‘Nothing out there is canon!’

At this point, Story Lord reveals plans to use Rick and Morty’s ‘limitless potential’ for fourth wall-breaking storytelling.

Various potential narratives flash by, including a full-blown war between puppies and kittens. When Morty, ‘Is any of this canon?’ Rick simply replies, ‘It could have been!’

Some fans were less than happy that the episode appeared to make fun of popular fan theories, with favourite recurring characters such as Evil Morty and Mr Poopybutthole dismissed as being unimportant.

One fan tweeted:

This was an interesting narrative mindf*ck but at the same time there are moments where it feels like it gives a kind of mean-spirited message to those who have been invested in certain plot elements.

Another said:

I definitely think that new Rick and Morty episode was for people who think a little too deeply about the show and keep crafting all these theories.

However, plenty of fans enjoyed the return and praised the clever, self-aware narrative.

You can catch Rick and Morty Sundays on Adult Swim and Thursdays on E4.

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Julia Banim
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