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Haunted doll collector willingly accepted doll that 'scratched' and caused 'violent nightmares'

Haunted doll collector willingly accepted doll that 'scratched' and caused 'violent nightmares'

He said it was an Annabelle situation.

A paranormal investigator has opened up about why he allowed a haunted doll that 'scratched' and caused 'violent nightmares' into his home.

Kevin Cain, a paranormal investigator from Alabama who owns over 400 haunted dolls, explained he had to take some serious precautions to keep himself safe from the 'demonic' doll.

Watch a terrifying clip of another of his creepy dolls 'speaking' below:

Kevin told UNILAD he first learned of the doll that had 'scratched' its owners when a traumatised woman got in touch after purchasing it on eBay.

He said: "She and her roommate had some really nasty experiences. A sort of Annabelle situation.

"They had some scratchings and violent nightmares.

"She contacted me via Facebook, through a mutual friend had said I need to send this somewhere and get rid of it."

While this would arguably be enough to put anyone off taking in the doll, Kevin is a man of faith and wanted to help the woman out.

"When I received it, I felt very sick to my stomach," he admitted.

Kevin realised that had to take some precautions to avoid the doll bothering anyone else.

The allegedly demonic doll is now blessed and kept in a see-through case.
Supplied / Kevin Cain

He blessed the toy with holy water and prayed.

"I said there must be something with this because it's messing with me too," he revealed. "I [doused] that doll with holy water and did prayers over it.

"And that was it. It didn't bother anybody else."

But just to be on the safe side, he now keeps the doll, pictured above, in a glass case.

Kevin said that while he might have chilling stories to tell now, when he began collecting haunted dolls, he was a skeptic.

He started to believe when he took a picture of a doll that was apparently haunted, only for the picture to come out with a 'round ball of light' over the doll.

Kevin then set up a voice recorder next to the doll to see if he would hear anything unusual, and while it 'took several tries', he recorded 'the voice of a little girl saying, "righteous".'

He said that prior to this experience, he was told that the doll belonged to a girl called Patty, who was alive in the 1980s and it was her only toy.

Kevin explained that her mother was a sex worker with a drug habit, who left Patty alone a lot, and she died by ingesting 'some of her mother's drugs'.

Most of Kevin's haunted dolls allegedly have children's spirits attached to them.
Supplied / Kevin Cain

"Everybody who's had the doll since then experienced some kind of creepy activity," he said. "So when I captured that voice, paired with the photo of the ball of light, I said, 'Yeah, there's something with this.'

"If a house can be haunted, a doll can be haunted."

Kevin revealed that there is a misconception that spirits live inside the haunted dolls, and he said they are merely attached to them.

"I don't believe that and they're inside the doll, looking out like they're in prison," he said. "They're just sort of there with it.

"Whereas [the] demonic, they can use [a doll] as a vessel. So if I see a doll moving, that's when I get a little worried.

"I'm blessed in that case. Mine don't move very much, maybe a little."

Kevin uses his faith for protection from the demonic, and every night he prays for 'God's blessing on the household and all the items, and it seems to keep everything under control.'

Kevin said that he could not even look Annabelle in the eye.
Supplied / Kevin Cain

However, he admits that there is one doll he would never take in: the real-life Annabelle.

"I've met her last last Halloween," Kevin said. "They had an event and Connecticut where [Ed and Lorraine Warren's] museum is located.

"They brought the Annabelle doll in her case and several other items to a local convention centre.

"I saw the doll. And it definitely gives you an odd feeling when you get close to it.

"I refused to look it in the eye because I felt like something was staring back at me. [She] definitely needs to be in the right hands."

If you would like to find out more about Kevin's haunted doll collection, he has written books about it which are available on his website.

Featured Image Credit: Supplied

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