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Suicide Squad FeatureWarner Bros.

In James Gunn’s hands, The Suicide Squad will earn its namesake. Oh yes, there will be blood, guts, fire and god knows what else… but who will be killed off first? 

Over the weekend, fans of DC basically had an early Christmas, with the arrival of new footage from basically every major comicbook movie, TV show and video game, giving us all a huge amount of stuff to look forward to.

One of the biggest announcements was in regards to The Suicide Squad, the sorta-sequel to the 2016 movie, which sees Gunn (Guardians Of The Galaxy) take over as writer and director.

Check out the behind-the-scenes look at The Suicide Squad below:


He revealed the jaw-droppingly stacked cast and the characters we can expect to see them all playing, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at what is being pitched as a 1970s war movie meets superhero epic.

What he didn’t really give us was a clear indication of what the plot actually involves, but a snoop around online reveals that the Suicide Squad is being reassembled, with new and old members, all sent on a mission to liberate a South American country. We’re sure there’s going to be a lot more to it than that, but that’s all we’ve got for now.

However, with a cast list this big, there’s a zero percent chance they’ll all be making it to the end credits, especially with Gunn behind the camera. So with that in mind, we’ve taken a look at this motley crew of villains-for-hire, and had some fun predicting who will die, and in what order, starting with…

BLACKGUARD (Pete Davidson)

Blackguard Pete Davidson Suicide SquadWarner Bros.

We can’t think of a better way to start the movie than to kill off Davidson’s character almost immediately. Davidson plays a mercenary who does actually exist in DC lore, but also gets killed off almost as soon as he was introduced in the comic books.

RICK FLAG (Joel Kinnaman)

Joel Kinnaman Suicide Squad 2Warner Bros.

‘I think it’s gonna surprise people.’ These are the first words from the teaser footage, spoken by Joel Kinnaman, the sorta-leader of the sorta-antiheroes. And what would be a bigger surprise than to kill off their leader really early in the game, leaving a group of super-powered baddies completely rudderless.

MONGAL (Mayling Ng)

Mongal Mayling Ng Suicide SquadWarner Bros.

Once they’ve arrived at the South American nation they’ve been ordered to free, we picture an event that will take out several of our Squad in rapid succession, just to properly hammer home the seriousness of the situation that they’re all in. It is in this sequence that we see Mongal, an alien and human ally, biting the bullet. But she won’t be alone…

THE JAVELIN (Flula Borg)

Javelin Flula BorgWarner Bros.

Yep, this guy with the power to… throw javelins better than most. He’ll be a goner too. But not before some funny banter with Captain Boomerang about which random throwing object is better in a fight.

RATCATCHER 2 (Daniela Melchior)

Ratcatcher 2 Suicide SquadWarner Bros.

Why is she called Ratcatcher 2 when we haven’t been introduced to the first Ratcatcher in the movies yet? We’re sure we’ll find out. But she better explain quickly, because this controller of rat-minds is likely to go down during that same assault that takes out Mongal and The Javelin.

TDK (Nathan Fillion)

Nathan Fillion TDK Suicide SquadWarner Bros.

Okay, cards on the table, who doesn’t love Nathan Fillion? He has been incredible in everything from Firefly and Serenity to voicing an animated version of himself in Big Mouth, and this represents a reunion with James Gunn after the brilliant horror-comedy Slither.

TDK is powered with the ability to remove body parts and throw them about the place, which will definitely lead to some hilarious (and gross) visuals, but we imagine Gunn will also want to give his good pal a very funny, very shocking, very gory death. Because that’s what friends are for!

THE THINKER (Peter Capaldi)

Peter Capaldi The Thinker Suicide SquadWarner Bros.

The former Doctor Who does appear to be a perfect match for the role of The Thinker, who is gifted with high intelligence and telepathic abilities. He’ll likely be useful in exactly one plot point, quickly become egotistical and over-the-top and no fun to be around, which will make his eventual death all the more entertaining.

SAVANT (Michael Rooker)

Savant Michael Rooker James GunnWarner Bros.

James Gunn loves – LOVES! – killing Michael Rooker. Spoilers for the majority of Gunn’s directing output, but Rooker does appear to be his personal Sean Bean. Savant is a world-class hacker, who will also likely be very useful in exactly one situation (maybe disarming a big bomb?), before Gunn does what Gunn does best and kills him off. Why break with tradition?


Peacemaker John Cena Suicide SquadWarner Bros.

Okay, here is where things get a little trickier, because we’re getting into ‘maybe surviving territory’. Likely not in the case of Peacemaker though, who we’re guessing will be killed towards the final scene.

A ruthless killer who believes in achieving peace at any cost, and referred to as a ‘douchey Captain America’, we’re guessing Peacemaker’s way to make peace will come with a death toll not even the Suicide Squad are able to stomach. Someone is going to need to take him down, and we’re guessing that someone will be…


Idris Elba Bloodsport Suicide SquadWarner Bros.

… this guy. Elba was originally going to be cast as Deadshot, but then Gunn swapped out his character to leave the option open for Will Smith to come back for future Suicide Squad instalments.

Instead, Elba is playing Bloodsport, a man who is serving time in prison for shooting Superman with a bullet made from Kryptonite. So… a bad dude, but a bad dude who may have a massive redemption arc when forced to take out Peacemaker?

POLKA-DOT MAN (David Dastmalchian)

Polka Dot Man Suicide SquadWarner Bros.

Remember in the first Suicide Squad, when Captain Boomerang got his chance for freedom and quickly ran away? We can see something similar happening with Polka-Dot Man, who is armed with superpowered polka-dots (no, really).

He’ll get one look at the situation and try to hide out until the dust settles. Maybe a post-credits sequence shows him finally coming out of his hiding space, overjoyed with surviving, and then BLAM! He still gets killed randomly by a falling brick or something.


Captain Boomerang Suicide SquadWarner Bros.

Speaking of Captain Boomerang, who we all reckoned would get killed off in the first one but ended up becoming a bit of a fan-favourite, we can see him making it to the end of this one, too… especially since Warner Bros. have put him front-and-centre of their new Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game coming in 2022.

We know they’re not related in the least, but they’re obviously as big a fan of him as we all were, so we wouldn’t bet against him here.

WEASEL (Sean Gunn)

Weasel Suicide SquadWarner Bros.

Two reasons why we’re guessing Weasel will survive: 1) He’s played by Sean Gunn, brother of James Gunn; 2) He’s playing a half-human/half-rat character. Now, think back a little bit, wasn’t there a character who controlled rats?

Yep, we’re betting Ratcatcher 2 has Weasel under her control for some of the movie, and it would be cruel to kill him off right after giving him his chance at freedom. Cruel… but also darkly funny, which is very much James Gunn’s M.O., come to think of it…

SOL SORIA (Alice Braga)

Alice Braga Suicide SquadWarner Bros.

There isn’t too much known about Sol Soria, other than she is a South American revolutionary who teams up with the Suicide Squad to take down the local threat. Our best guess is that once that threat is defeated, Soria will be named as the new local leader, bringing peace and harmony to the region. A happy ending!

KING SHARK (Steve Agee)

King Shark Suicide SquadWarner Bros.

Okay, so we know that comedy actor Agee has announced that he is the ‘on-set reference’ for King Shark, but the running theory is that the character will be voiced by none other than Taika Waititi, who is on the cast list but Gunn has not yet revealed who he is playing.

The other theory is that Waititi will be playing the movie’s primary villain (perhaps interdimensional squid thing Starro The Conquerer), but when we see that happy image of King Shark playfully smiling and waving, we can’t help but hear Waititi’s voice coming out of that tooth-filled mouth. And there is no way they’re killing off Waititi as a Shark Man!


Amanda Waller Viola Davis Suicide SquadWarner Bros.

Waller is just too cool a character to kill off, and Davis is too cool an actress to not want to keep around. As far as we can tell, even the comic books haven’t killed her off, not even once, and they’ve killed off everyone! They tried to kill her off once, but it turned out she was faking it in order to continue working with the Suicide Squad. See? Too cool.

HARLEY QUINN (Margot Robbie)

Margot Robbie Harley Quinn Suicide SquadWarner Bros.

Even if Gunn said he wanted to kill everyone in this movie, we imagine Warner Bros. stepping in and saying: ‘Okay, cool, except Harley Quinn, right?’

The spot-on casting of Robbie as Quinn is beyond compare, and while Birds Of Prey wasn’t the box office hit they might have hoped for, there is no denying that everyone loves this actor in this role, and will want to see more of her in the future. Besides, she’s still got some unfinished business with her puddin’…

The Suicide Squad will hit cinemas on August 6, 2021.

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