People Are Convinced This Picture Proves Kylie Jenner Died Years Before Her 21st Birthday

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Today (August 10) is Kylie Jenner’s birthday so in true online fashion, her Konspiracy theorist fans are celebrating by claiming Kylie Jenner died years before she turned 21.

Obviously. Now, in her honour, let’s unpick this theory with a trip down memory lane, shall we?


Jenner has enjoyed over a decade in the limelight, after being introduced to world of reality TV by her ‘Momager’ at the age of 10, when she made her Keeping Up With The Kardashians debut in October 2007.

In the subsequent years the viewing public – and anyone with decent WiFi access – has witnessed Kylie Jenner grow up, from girl, to teen, to fully-fledged almost-billionaire businesswoman and mother.

A lot can change in a decade.


For some, who must’ve missed the lesson on puberty in Biology class, it’s been a particularly fun observational sport to cruelly follow Kylie’s ever-shifting aesthetic.

Kylie Jenner, owner of Kylie Cosmetics, in season one of Keepin gUp With The Kardashians promo imageE! Entertainment

The internet is littered with the detritus of bored people passing comment on Kylie’s appearance, from her trademark lips to her chameleon-like wigs, by way of her physique, and how she choses to dress.

Kylie – still in her teens – has been asked over and over again to reveal the secret to her style, and because she’s lived a life of fame and nepotism fans clamour at her, with a strange sense of ownership, to share every aspect of her existence.


So much so, she was pressured into opening up about using lip fillers on KUWTK:

Yet, when she made the choice to allow them to dissolve a few months ago, many commentators took it upon themselves to critique her lips with opinions the social media mogul never needed to know.

Undeniably, Kylie has leveraged her assets to make millions in the beauty industry, and has amassed an army of devoted customers who buy stock again and again in the hopes of emulating her looks.


Worryingly, through no fault of her own, the filter fanatic has even contributed to a phenomenon, dubbed Snapchat Dysmorphia by the eminent cosmetic surgeon, Dr Tijon Esho, who has many clients request services to look more like Kylie.

Kylie Jenner with a Snapchat filterKylizzlemynizzle/Snapchat

While filters are all well and good on the face of it – just a bit of fun for most of us – the trouble comes when people are repeatedly subjected to a filtered existence so often, it becomes an extension of reality, Dr Jenny Cole told UNILAD.

Although ‘people think those who add filters are vain or shallow’, the Manchester Metropolitan University Senior Lecturer in Psychology, who specialises in body image explained, ‘they are trying to get what we all want – reassurance we are ok’.


This is a familiar sight in most households across the country:

Citing the photos of Kim Kardashian and her newborn, Chicago, Dr Esho mused it’s ‘the new normal’ for a younger generation to be born into these wildly unrealistic expectations, and have beauty ideals thrust upon them by their parents’ phones.

Kylie’s newborn baby girl, Stormi Webster, was also born into a new ‘Jenneration’ of iGen kids, unable to separate social media from reality – whether they like it or not.

Just take a look at the first images of Stormi shared with the world:

This strange one-way street of information, fed to fandoms worldwide, creates an odd celebrity-driven disconnect dubbed ‘parasocial interaction’.

Dr Arthur Cassidy, Social Media and Celebrity Psychologist, told UNILAD:

High profile celebrities find it extremely difficult to lead a normal life for many reasons. Their worldwide fans know lots about them but they know nothing about their fans. It’s known as ‘parasocial interaction’.

Many A-lister’s suffer from chronic fears and anxieties due mostly to pressures from fans who have unrealistic expectations of their daily lives.

Indeed, Kylie has spoken about hiding her ‘true persona’ from prying eyes:

From our perspective, perhaps Kylie’s image has been so distorted over the years through filters and phone screens and this ‘parasocial’ interaction, the general public thinks it’s okay to pass comment on her looks, seemingly so far removed from reality.

Enter: The Konspiracy Theorists.

Ever since she rose to fame in adulthood, Kylie’s face has launched a thousand theories.

There’s the so-called Kardashian Curse, for one, not to mention the Kim Kardashian surrogate story and the theory stating the family is all involved in the Illuminati, an enigmatic elite group who dabble in occult symbolism and blood sacrifices.

The theorists, with enough time on their hands, go deep:

Blood sacrifices aside, other Internet Detectives have been hard at work observing things through their iPhone screens and now the Twitter Jury presents their verdict on a slightly more superficial conspiracy with a pretty dark result.

Drumroll… Some think Kylie Jenner died in 2013 and has been ‘replaced with a clone who looks nothing like her’.

Here’s the side-by-side picture tweet which sparked the non-sensical theory to spread:

Speaking to UNILAD @ellkay_, a Midlands woman who generally deals in pop culture satire on Twitter, said her viral meme was ‘100% a joke piggy backing off the Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory’, which she hastens to add, she also doesn’t actually believe.

LK explained the ‘conspiracy theory theme was probably the most popular meme at the time’:

It was just funnier to use Kylie because of the notable differences in her face pre and post surgery that make her look like a whole other Jenner sister.

I think there were some people who took offence to it, but I feel like they may have been reading too deeply into it as there were no negative connotations. I saw it as just acknowledging the difference!

Undoubtedly, she didn’t expect the observation to pick up so much traction:

Way to put puberty, fame and surgical enhancements together and get a clone, guys.

Amid all this bizarre speculation, most of us are left musing about how nice it would be to live in a world in which the American government’s biggest concerns are Kylie Jenner’s upper and lower lip. Here’s to dreaming.

Meanwhile, this (PhotoShopped) photograph will no doubt fan the flames:


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Kylie shared the photograph of her multiple selves enjoying her 21st birthday party in the bliss of her own company, to accompany the release of her imaginatively-titled #21COLLECTION birthday makeup range.

While it spoke to many anti-social folk on a deep level, it also peaked the interest of the Konspiracists.

In among all the LB comments and ‘lit’ flame emojis, some referred to the many kinds of Kylie in the picture as her ‘alter egos’, her many different ‘personalities’ and even her ‘clones’.

Kylie JennerKylie Jenner/Instagram

Most of us would probably hate to hear how some corners of the Interent were musing on our mortality.

Indeed, Dr Cassidy told UNILAD self-doubt and jealousy is a ‘common feature’ of ‘fan worship’ and online commentary regarding public figures.

Cassidy added most public figures he works with ‘cannot cope with vile comments’ or the negative feedback associated with body shaming and internet trolls.

But maybe Kylie is not most people when it comes to the potential effects of becoming a living, breathing Konspiracy theory?

The Hollywood Hidden Hills resident has proven herself to dabble in the world of the Awake – not to be mistaken for the politically-minded woke.

She even publicly aligned herself with Konspiracy theories and jumped on the so-called chem trails theory.

According to Awake Media founder, Jarrod Fidden, many conspiracy theorists – himself and his wife included – come to question the world around us through the foggy lens of chem trails.

Fidden was ‘lucky enough’ to experience his own awakening alongside his wife, when they noticed the ‘chem trails’ above their home in rural Ireland, and embarked on research that led down the rabbit hole.

Like this guy:

In case you missed it, the chemtrail theory is the erroneous belief that long-lasting condensation trails consist of chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed from high-flying aircraft for purposes undisclosed to the general public, such as population and mind control, Fidden told us.

Frankly, the Kylie Klone theory might just be a little easier to get your head round.

Kylie JennerKylie Jenner/Instagram

DISCLAIMER: UNILAD does not share the views of the Kardsahian Konspiracy theorists. As for the writer? Jury’s out.

Happy 21st birthday, King Kylie, you glorious ‘Klone’.

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