New Simpsons Short Brings Together Characters From Disney, Pixar, Marvel And Star Wars

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It just wouldn’t be Disney+ Day without hearing from The Simpsons, with the Springfield family having firmly made their home on the streaming platform.

At an (honestly unbelievable) 33 seasons in, Homer et al have gathered together at Moe’s to raise a pint of Duff on what marks Disney+’s two year anniversary.


In a five minute short entitled Plusaversary, the iconic yellow family can be seen attending a star-studded Disney+ Plus Day party, where ‘everyone is on the list… except Homer’.

The short will no doubt absolutely delight Disney fans, with characters from Maleficent to Gaston spotted mingling. It’s clear the team had plenty of fun writing it, paying the sort of careful attention to detail they’ve gained a deserved reputation for.

In classic Simpsons style, the short isn’t afraid to be a bit cheeky with it, poking plenty of fun at Disney+ as they once did with the Fox network. The depiction of many of the Disney characters is also decidedly less than fairytale-esque.


In another great Simpsons tradition, there’s a catchy musical number during which Homer happily flashes Ned Flanders’ credit card, clearly having no qualms about rinsing his long-suffering neighbour to access Disney+.

In a press conference attended by UNILAD, long time writer and producer Al Jean, who has been with the show since the early days, said that Disney+ has been ‘extremely welcoming, telling us to just do what we do’:

People like Kevin Feige have been extremely generous with the use of their characters, letting us do silly things with them.

He helped us get Tom Hiddleston to play Loki. And it’s been a pleasure. I mean, as you’ll see in the short video, it’s not exactly a reverential view of these characters.

The Simpsons (Disney+)Disney+

My personal favourite aspect was Homer’s unlikely new friendship with Goofy, with the two legendary animated dads bonding in a booth together.

Jean revealed:

There was this essence of an idea where we said: ‘Hey, it’d be great if Goofy and Homer met at Moe’s and we built it out from there. I would love for them to get together again.

There’s a lot of classic Goofy adventures like How To Fish that he could take Homer on. I think they get along quite well as they have a lot of similar characteristics. Except, Goofy’s less angry.

This isn’t the first time The Simpsons team has released a crossover short, with Plusaversary of course following in the cartoon footsteps of The Good, The Bart, and The Loki and The Force Awakens From Its Nap.


Revealing what went into making this particular short, Jean explained:

We thought, ‘why don’t we get every character we could from Disney, Pixar Marvel and Star Wars and cram them into Moe’s Tavern and see what happens’.

And that’s pretty much the plot of the three and a half minute short. It’s to celebrate the Disney Plusaversary and I think Disney wanted to create a holiday somewhere between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The Simpsons (Disney+)Disney+

Considering the future of The Simpsons projects at Disney+, Jean said he loves ‘doing the shorts, I’ve actually done for this year’, revealing that ‘there’s one more coming and it’s very exciting and not in English’.


He continued:

So I think we’re going to keep doing these shorts because they’re really fun. I wouldn’t be surprised if we did some kind of a feature film, the way that the business is now.

I don’t know whether a feature would go on Disney+ first, or whether they’re released theatrically. Obviously they have the gold standard with Pixar already. And also terrific animated movies from Disney Studio. So we might be interested in that too.

Of course, there’s no way Jean would be able to get away from a press panel these days without being asked about The Simpsons team’s extraordinary ability to predict the future, from Donald Trump becoming US President, to Canada legalising marijuana.

Jean revealed that he is still regularly surprised by just how much the writing team has foretold over the years, not all of which has been exactly good news:

Yes! So much so that we put out a memo that said: let’s start making happy predictions. And not predicting things like pandemics and presidents but things we can actually look forward to.

I do look at everything we do and I’m a little wary because it all comes true, so I just hope we can predict a brighter future for us all.

The Simpsons (Disney+)Disney+

Imaginative, funny, and with a friendship you didn’t see coming but now kind of want a spin-off movie about, Plusaversary makes for an entertaining watch.

You can catch The Simpsons Plusaversary on Disney+ now.

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