Mum Celebrating First Mother’s Day Reflects On Giving Birth In Lockdown

Emily Brown

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On June 21, 2020, drama teacher Rebecca welcomed her first child, Jocelyn, into the world. 

June 21, 2021, is now a date that many Brits are looking forward to, as it marks what will hopefully be the end of most of the restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Last year, however, we were right in the thick of things.

Shops had just been allowed to re-open their doors and businesses in the hospitality sector were days away from being able to get back up and running, but Boris Johnson warned that we must not ‘throw away the progress we have made.’

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Rebecca was by herself in hospital for about four or five hours before she gave birth, but thankfully her husband was able to join her for the moment they actually welcomed their daughter. During her pregnancy, Rebecca said it was ‘heartbreaking’ to have to avoid being close to her parents, and that her own mother found it ‘really difficult’ to not be able to touch her growing bump.

Almost nine months on and Rebecca is now celebrating her first-ever Mother’s Day, with plans to do something relaxing and enjoy some well-earned cuddles, a cup of coffee and breakfast in bed.

Speaking to UNILAD, the 30-year-old mum said:

There really is nothing better than just taking some time to stop when life feels its flying by so quickly… I’d like the sunshine to appear so we can take some nice photos of us to put up in our new home too.

Rebecca is one of thousands of mums who have given birth during lockdown, and she admitted that she spent a ‘long time being upset’ about not being able to enjoy all of the ‘normal’ aspects of being pregnant and being a new mum.

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While she acknowledged that having a newborn is ‘challenging regardless of not being able to mix with each other,’ Rebecca believes that ‘everything becomes even more full-on without visits from kind souls who would happily cuddle your bundle of joy whilst you take a shower or have some time to yourself.’

Living in Wiltshire, Rebecca has a ‘lovely close group of friends,’ some of whom also became mums during lockdown. She noted the group ‘hasn’t been able to share the experience with each other or provide as much support as we would have liked,’ and while she was able to go to ‘a couple of heavily distanced baby classes,’ it ‘doesn’t make up for all [they’ve] missed.’

The family thankfully were able to make use of a small window of time in the summer when people could come and meet Jocelyn, but Rebecca said it ‘doesn’t really make up for the fact that my photo albums are missing so many pictures of my daughter in the arms of people I love.’

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She added: ‘Sometimes, I think it’s made me feel like I was wasting away my maternity leave as we weren’t making plans or doing anything different with each day – not that we could, but it makes you feel almost guilty in some ways.’

In spite of the challenges, however, Jocelyn managed to find the silver linings of her situation, explaining: ‘When you realise you can just have a different memory to someone else’s, that makes it better.’

She added: ‘Who else has got a hilarious recording of all their friends playing games and sharing stories at their baby shower? Thanks Zoom!’

Having been restricted in their outings, Rebecca and Jocelyn have also become ‘experts’ at breastfeeding, with Rebecca noting that ‘we’ve been able to spend lots of time with each other with no interruptions.’

Though visits from loved ones would have been welcomed with open arms, giving birth in lockdown and not being roped into social obligations has allowed Rebecca to capitalise on the thing she has enjoyed most about motherhood: ‘Just being a mum.’

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She explained:

I think I’ve wanted it for a long time and it’s really made me feel like I’ve now got everything I’ve ever truly wanted. Waking up with a little human smiling at you is a pretty great way to start the day. It has been all consuming and I feel that I’ve been able to appreciate every single moment with her so far.

Rebecca’s dedication and love of being a mum will be celebrated today, March 14, as we take the time to appreciate all the time, effort and love that mums give their children. Sadly not all families will be able to be together, but it’s still important to take the time to reflect on the things our mums do for us, and hopefully many will soon be able to reunite and catch up on all they may have missed during the months apart.

As Rebecca noted, celebrations can be as small as a cup of coffee or a call via video chat; it could be a bunch of flowers sent through the post or a bottle of prosecco popped on a doorstep.

Hopefully, this will be the last Mother’s Day during which restrictions are in place, and families will be able to celebrate properly in a matter of months. As well as catching up on the lost time, both Rebecca and her husband are looking forward to taking Jocelyn swimming, with the young girl having already grown out of all of her swimming costumes without even dipping a toe in a pool.

Though her experience may not have been the same as those before her, Rebecca’s first few months of motherhood are certainly something she will never forget. Let’s hope Jocelyn’s first birthday will mark the start of a whole new, restriction-free world of experiences.

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Emily Brown
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