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Moon brows editskyzagency/Instagram

With brows forming such a huge part of fashion these days, you’d better believe people have upped the ante when it comes to making sure they’re on fleek.

Threading, brow tints, and microblading have all taken on a life of their own in recent years, and the stakes continue to be raised in finding the next big brow trend.


Enter: the moon brow, the latest fashion accessory which is taking over the internet in a way that only brows can. And I’ve got to admit, I’m a little bit in love with them.

Moon brows editskyzagency/Instagram

From the touch-up artist who brought us high heel brows and pencil brows (nope, not the 90s craze that ensured everyone plucked their eyebrows to within an inch of their life), the trend is certainly raising some eyebrows. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

The eyebrow in question belongs to Hayley Bui, an Instagram influencer with 557K followers and founder of Hayley Cosmetics. Surprisingly, as realistic as the brows look, the impressive design hasn’t been drawn on by Hayley herself.


Nor has it been drawn on by anyone at all, in fact, as the moon brows are actually Photoshop edits by Stefan James – a 20-year-old who runs his own modelling agency, Skyz Agency, which initially started out as editing page SkyzEditz.

Stefan also worked his magic on Kristy Lani, an Instagram star with 561K followers:

Moon brows editskyzagency/Instagram

Speaking to UNILAD, Stefan explained how he managed to transform a simple editing page into a successful business:


It started off doing edits of influencers such as brow trends but I gained some amazing friends and connections with the models who I did the edits of and now I personally manage them.

So how did he come up with the concept of moon brows? Well, it all came about when he got chatting to his close friend Hayley – yep, the one and the same I mentioned earlier – about her love for the moon.

Stefan said it was easy because editing is his ‘thing’:

I actually worked with one of my close friends Hayley Bui to create the idea. She loves the moon and she and her fiance Eric both have matching tattoo’s of moons. I just turned it into a eyebrow style as editing is my thing.

Moon brows editskyzagency/Instagram

The 20-year-old states he’s had a ‘crazy amount’ of people re-creating his brow creations in the past, so he wouldn’t be surprised if there are some people ‘running around with moons on their faces’.

Opening up about the criticism he’s faced for his designs, the 20-year-old explained:

[The brows have] had a crazy mixed reaction, some people love it and some hate it. I just created the edits for fun but it’s insane to see the nasty comments from people who are against it.

It’s all about creativity for me. I guess closed minded people don’t really like to see change. However we’re living in a new era and being creative and thinking outside the box is probably one of the best thing.

I personally love to see other people do it, if not everything would be so boring and mainstream.

Moon brows editskyzagency/Instagram

When asked what he’d say to those who call his designs ‘ridiculous’ and say fashion is going ‘too far,’ Stefan has only these words: ‘Life’s short, get a hobby instead of bashing other peoples creativity’.

Kudos. Now if someone wants to help me create this design IRL, I’d be eternally grateful.

Please and thank you.

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