Guy Poses For Hilarious Maternity Shoot After Pregnant Wife Backs Out

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It’s pregnant Khal Drogo, it’s Maui from Moana…no, it’s actually incredible father-to-be Chris Urena posing for priceless maternity photos.

The legendary 29-year-old, who has been trying for a baby with his wife for two years, was so excited for the birth of his son, that he stepped in for his wife in a maternity photoshoot.


Chris, who is a photographer himself, decided that if his camera-shy wife wasn’t going to do the photoshoot, then him and his 292 pounds of Pennsylvania goodness would work the camera.

It’s safe to say he worked it, hard…

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Speaking to UNILAD, Chris said:


It was funny how it came about. I’m a photographer myself and I try and take as many pictures as I can, but my wife doesn’t really like being in pictures.

When I mentioned doing a maternity shoot, she said she didn’t really want to do anything too revealing, and she didn’t really want to do it, and I kept asking her.

So I started talking to my other photographer friends and decided ‘you know what, let’s just do it with me’.

Chris’s friends who worked together to capture his majestic form are the talented Agustine RiveraKalief Robinson, and Nilo Hodge.


Chris continued:


At first it was a joke, so we put it on Facebook to see what happened. Then it started gaining traction with a lot of my friends, so we shot it on Saturday.

I was excited. I’ve done lots of maternity shoots with women and wedding photos, so being on the other side was hilarious.

My friends made it so much more fun, they kept picking up on my ‘sultry eyes’ and most of them couldn’t keep their composure on set, so there were a lot of laughs.

He’s glowing…

Guy Poses For Hilarious Maternity Shoot After Pregnant Wife Backs OutUNILAD

Speaking about his family’s struggle with getting pregnant, Chris said:


I did it for my wife, but I did it because I’m really excited. Me and my wife have been trying to have a baby for two years, it’s been negative after negative after negative, and then one day I found out she’s pregnant, and I am just elated.

Their baby boy is due this June, and as one Reddit user pointed out, ‘these aren’t maternity photos, they’re eternity photos’.

Guy Poses For Hilarious Maternity Shoot After Pregnant Wife Backs OutUNILAD

Chris said that when his wife first saw the photoshoot pictures, she was ‘shocked’ and then started to laugh and thought he was ‘nuts’ for putting them on Facebook.


Body confident and positive Chris said this whole shoot was about him being a ‘proud parent’ and he has received a hugely positive response on social media, bar the odd Internet troll.

While some people are saying Chris is reminiscent of the Game of Thrones Khal, others are lining up in a queue to be Chris’s second wife, or praising him for inspiring body positivity.

One user wrote:

In the Game of Thrones spinoff where Khal Drogo is a pregnant suburbanite, you should get the call.

Guy Poses For Hilarious Maternity Shoot After Pregnant Wife Backs OutUNILAD

Another one said:


Funny thing for me was, we all get the joke here, but the pictures are flattering and humorous – so we can’t look away. I’m a 52 year old straight man and I looked at each one, including loading the 1 additional image.

This kind of self-parody makes people feel good. Normal. Less insecure.

You’re doing a great thing and making a fabulous memory for your self and your unborn kid!

What an inspiration…

Guy Poses For Hilarious Maternity Shoot After Pregnant Wife Backs Out

As for the message this magnificent and radiant man has for other men, Chris says this:

For men, be brave and not be afraid to do something just like this for their wife. To be comfortable and happy for the birth of your child.

Whether it’s your first kid or your fifth kid, go out and do it and be yourself, and don’t worry. The Internet will always be the Internet.

This silhouette is something else…

Guy Poses For Hilarious Maternity Shoot After Pregnant Wife Backs OutUNILAD

Congratulations to Chris and his wife on their baby boy.

I wish I could be there when their son is presented with a photo album of this shoot when he graduates.

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