Beautiful Moment Fans Lift Man In Wheelchair To Watch Liam Gallagher Sing Wonderwall

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Liam Gallagher fans help out gig goer in a wheelchair.@hannah_maex/Twitter

Gigs should be places where likeminded individuals find a sense of home and community, united in their shared love of music.

Liam Gallagher fans are known for their outspoken ways, their fierce loyalty to their Manc leader and eternal optimism vis-a-vis an Oasis reunion.


And they also look after one another, as shown through touching footage of gig-goers lifting a fellow fan up so he could get the most awesome view of the icon possible. It’s always brilliant when you see this strong sense of kinship put into practice.

30-year-old Michael Reynolds from Leigh is a wheelchair user, and understandably wanted to experience the gig with his 15 friends rather than use the designated disabled area at Emirates Old Trafford.

Scrapyard manager Michael was struggling to see the stage over the excitable crowds. Fortunately, his fellow Liam Gallagher fans were more than happy to help.


LG was playing – arguably – his most powerful and beloved song, Wonderwall. The joy was palpable as crowds of people belted the lyrics right along with him, every word as familiar to them as their own names.

And then something magical happened. As Michael’s mates tried to lift him up, around 20 other lads rushed over to help; raising Michael high above their heads like a true rockstar. He could now enjoy the concert fully, with a perfect view of Liam himself.

Michael – who had only decided to attend the gig at the last minute – told the Manchester Evening News how it had been an ‘unbelievable’ moment:


Obviously, there was the disabled area, but there were 15 of us and I am the only one in a wheelchair.

But I couldn’t see, I ended up just listening to it.

My mates had the idea of lifting me up.

Suddenly, there were 20 lads all helping. Everyone was loving it.

He added:

It was really positive. The atmosphere was unbelievable. Everyone was really helping.

You couldn’t fault the crowd at all, it was just people being positive wanting to help.

Michael has used a wheelchair for five years after breaking his back during a motocross race accident. He hasn’t let his disability stand in his way and now even races road bikes.


The beautiful moment was captured by gig-goer Hannah, who told UNILAD more about the act of group kindness:

The atmosphere was very different to previous Liam Gallagher concerts, this one everyone was singing together and standing there with their arms around each other and jumping about.

I was recording Wonderwall on my phone and I only noticed through my phone screen that Micheal was being carried through the crowed.

Once I saw it I started recording him because I thought it was so lovely of fans to carry him during Oasis’s most popular song which I’m sure they were all waiting for him to preform.

They proceeded to go through the crowd, I didn’t see how far they got as I couldn’t see anything myself the whole night because I had a giant standing in front of me! But it was an amazing thing to witness.


LG responded to the video labelling the act ‘biblical behaviour’.


Respect to the lads at my concert for giving Michael Reynolds the best view in the house BIBLICAL BEHAVIOUR as you were LG x

Now, next time you are out at a gig, look around and see if there is anyone whose experience you can transform from frustrating to incredible.

As you were. JB x

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    The amazing moment music fans helped a man in a wheelchair watch Liam Gallagher sing Wonderwall

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