Bam Margera’s Funniest Pranks And Stunts On His 41st Birthday

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It’s Bam Margera’s 41st birthday, so we’re looking back at the Jackass star’s craziest, most hilarious pranks and stunts.

From his inception as a notorious skateboarder and stuntman on CKY, Bam went on to become one of MTV’s core Jackasses alongside his best friend, the late Ryan Dunn. Together, they subjected themselves to the throes of pain and embarrassment in pursuit of laughs.

He was eventually given his own show – Viva La Bam, followed by Bam’s Unholy Union – as well as appearing in Tony Hawk’s gaming franchise and several movies to boot.

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We’ve scanned his Jackass tenure for his funniest, wildest, most outrageous antics – there’s even videos attached of each entry wherever possible. ‘Reminder: the stunts here were performed by professionals, so for your safety and the protection of those around you, do not attempt any of the stunts you’re about to see.’

10. The Valentine

In this clip from Jackass Number Two, Johnny Knoxville plants a handwritten note on a hotel door, supposedly from a smitten fan by the name of Stephanie. However, the paper is hiding a spring-loaded glove that punches the face of anyone who dares lean in.

After Bam gets caught out, he joins in with the prank, getting other Jackasses to read the note. Time and time again, they get jabbed, all while Bam hysterically laughs.

9. Fireworks Wake Up 

Phil and April Margera have long been the butt of Bam’s jokes, whether it be on Jackass or Viva La Bam. Back in the first Jackass: The Movie, he unleashed a storm of fireworks in their bedroom in the early hours of the morning.

Of course, the only real danger they faced was losing their sanity. After managing to catch some sleep, Phil soon gets up to go to work. As he sits in his van, he’s welcomed by more fireworks. Through night vision, we see the flashing lights and hear the screeches and screams.

8. The Switcheroo 

Jackass The SwitcherooParamount Pictures

Back to Jackass Number Two, with Bam pestering his mum again. As April sleeps, Phil steps out of bed and lets Preston Lacy climb in, covered in fake hair.

As he ‘cuddles in’, she tells him to back up, before realising something is off about her husband. When it fully dawns on her, she yelps and falls off the mattress, before the crew reveals the trickery. Fortunately, she laughs off the whole thing, and when Bam tells his dad that Preston ‘copped a feel’, he replies, ‘Well he got away with it then.’

7. Bam’s Pee-Cam 

Jackass 3dParamount Pictures

Excretion is a defining mainstay of the Jackass world. While Dave England is famed for his pooping abilities, Bam is particularly skilled at peeing on people.

In Jackass 3D, he holds a camera right next to his penis – to the point where you can always see the foreskin – and walks around filming as he urinates on unsuspecting victims, from Wee Man to director Jeff Tremaine.

6. The Snake Pit 

Unfortunately for Bam, some of his best moments revolve around his unwitting punishment – such is life. In Jackass 3D, his Rocky segments saw him throw water in people’s faces before walloping them with a right hook in hyper slow-motion.

However, all that jollity can’t go without retaliation. As he creeps behind his fourth victim, he falls into a pit full of rubber snakes. As he scrambles to get out, a real python is thrown in alongside tens of other snakes – his worst nightmare come to life. His panic turns to tears, with Tremaine eventually showing mercy. Cruel, yes, but brilliant.

5. Super Mighty Glue 

The perils of super glue are well dramatised; for example, Jim’s masturbatory gaffe in American Pie 2. Naturally, the Jackass boys saw an opportunity.

In the third film, Bam lathers his hands with ‘Super Mighty Glue’ and sticks them to the chests of his dad and Preston. After ripping them off, they’re covered in hair. In Jackass 3.5, we also see him grab Dunn’s beard, causing immense agony. ‘F*ck me, man,’ indeed.

4. Drywall Drop In 

Bam’s roots in skateboarding have been reaped throughout Jackass, whether he’s covered in velcro and sticking to a moving vehicle, landing an ollie from a roof or slamming into a clear, plastic panel.

In Jackass 3.5, he somehow ploughs through four drywalls from a ramp that induces vertigo upon sight, never mind actually riding it. As everyone rushes to make sure he’s alright, he says, ‘Just so long as it was neat.’

3. Riot Control Test 

For better or worse, Jackass has inspired some pretty creative recklessness around the world, with amateur pranksters trying their hand at their own daft shenanigans.

However, some stunts cannot – and definitely should not – be replicated, such as Jackass Number Two‘s Riot Control Test, in which Bam, Dunn and Johnny Knoxville are pummeled with 745 rubber balls from a machine used on the outside of embassies. Tears are shed, with good reason. ‘If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough.’

2. The High Five

It’s the opening prank of Jackass 3D, and arguably the funniest moment of the entire franchise. Knoxville stands, armed with a massive swinging hand, ready to smack anyone who walks through the door, with Wee Man as his master manipulator.

Dunn gets hit, then Danger Ehren, before the crème de la crème of slaps with Bam. He snaps back in one motion, thudding the floor in a cloud of flour as everyone howls around him. After nearly 10 years, it never, ever gets old.

1. The Brand 

While The High Five is funnier, it’s not Bam’s prank, per se – he’s just the victim. However, he’s at the core of The Brand; a testament to both his endurance and friendship with Dunn.

The pair visit a Cattle Ranch, where Dunn gives Bam a brand in the shape of male genitalia. Every time he presses the red-hot metal against his butt cheek, Bam squirms, resulting in ‘hologram dicks’ and a pretty horrid infection three days later. When April angrily asks Dunn why he’d burn his best friend in the first place, he replies, ‘Because it was funny.’

All the Jackass movies all available to stream on Netflix now. 

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