15% Of Brits Think Aliens Will Dominate The Earth In 20 Years

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15% Of Brits Think Aliens Will Dominate The Earth In 20 YearsPixabay/Warner Bros

Earth will be invaded and dominated by aliens in the next 20 years, according to 15% of Brits.

Ahead of UFO Week kicking off today on BLAZE, the channel carried surveyed 2,000 UK adults on matters concerning extraterrestrials and unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).

There’s no evidence to suggest the White House will be blown up by aliens anytime soon, nor will we be visited by the shells like those in Arrival. However, come 2040, a large portion of Brits believe we may be ruled by a species from another world.

15% Of Brits Think Aliens Will Dominate The Earth In 20 YearsDreamWorks Pictures

According to the results, 15% think aliens will dominate the Earth over the next 20 years. Nick Pope, a former Ministry of Defence UFO investigator called it ‘the single-most astounding figure’ in the study.

He told UNILAD: ‘This is not just the latest probe on Mars finding microbial life, this is full on alien invasion – that’s big.’

While accepting the rising interest in UFOs and the surrounding theories could be indebted to pop culture, Pope urged: ‘Let’s get beyond the idea that this is just sci-fi, let’s realise and acknowledge [UAP] for the serious defence issue that it is.’

Former Government UFO Investigator Recalls Cases Which 'Disturbed' HimBLAZE

This was echoed by Philip Mantle, director of investigations for the British UFO Research Association, who said: ‘It does reflect the interest in this thing in popular culture,’ with countless action sci-fi movies, whether it’s Alien, Life, Predator, Cloverfield, Edge of Tomorrow or even the Marvel Cinematic Universe and beyond. ‘There’s not very many nice ones like E.T. and things like that,’ he said.

He also told us he couldn’t find any information which would supporting an impending alien invasion, even questioning why another form of life would travel all the way to our lowly planet. ‘They might as well have stayed at home,’ he laughed.

15% Of Brits Think Aliens Will Dominate The Earth In 20 YearsBLAZE

A third of respondents also believe aliens could already be among us. Putting aside studies which propose octopuses may have arrived from outer space via a meteor, Mantle put forward a theory regarding humans: ‘Perhaps aliens do dominate the Earth, and the aliens are us.’

He explained: ‘Some people do speculate that in Earth’s ancient past, there was bacterial life on Mars, and it made its way here via a meteorite, and thrived, and turned into all of us. So we are, in effect, Martians. So, alien life has dominated the Earth, and it’s us.’

While Mantle doesn’t think the UK government is prepared for an invasion – mainly because there’s little use in rallying resources for something which may never happen – he said we should be looking at potential meteorite impacts, even more so than NASA’s database of close approaches.

15% Of Brits Think Aliens Will Dominate The Earth In 20 YearsDisney

Citing the 1908 Tunguska meteor, he said: ‘Now, fortunately it was Siberia and barely anyone lived there. But if it were to happen today over a major city, it could trigger a third world war, but certainly millions of people would die as a result. So like we had Bruce Willis and his friends flying off to save the earth from the catastrophe, that’s the sort of thing we should be planning for.’

Mantle added: ‘The Earth has been hit, there’s craters. It’s not if we’ll get struck again, it’s when – it may be a long time coming, but that’s the kind of thing we should be looking for.’

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