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Woman Keeps Every Single Hair That Falls Out And It’s Enough To Make Extensions

Julia Banim


Woman Keeps Every Single Hair That Falls Out And It's Enough To Make Extensionschloelee397/TikTok

An Australian beauty blogger has painstakingly kept every single strand of hair that fell from her head over the course of a year, carefully collecting and taping the strands together.

Beginning with just a few hairs, chloelee397 has since documented her growing collection via TikTok, showing how she was eventually able to gather enough hair to make her a pony tail, and eventually her very own hair extensions.


Given the price of good hair extensions, this is actually a pretty nifty cost-cutting exercise, with high end salons charging between £185 to £700, as per a 2020 report by Hello! magazine.

Showing her process in one vid, chloelee397 could be seen cleverly taping her gathered hair to a wall, patiently letting her home-grown natural extensions build up over time.


As per the American Academy of Dermatologists, it’s completely normal for a human being to lose anywhere between 50 to 100 strands of hair per day, with women tending to shed more than men.

To give an idea of just how many hairs chloelee397 ended up keeping, back in November she revealed she had accumulated ‘26,800 hairs, 120hair x 6 months’.

This quickly built up to 30,000, and by the time chloelee397 reached the one year mark, her extensions looked remarkably full.


In one vid, chloelee397 showed her fans what the extensions looked like when actually placed back on her head.

Honestly, although she admitted they weren’t all that comfy, they looked as good as anything you might shell out your hard-earned cash for in a salon, if not better.

However, chloelee397 had never intended the extensions to be for her own personal use, and had a far better, more generous purpose in mind.


The kind-hearted TikToker has revealed that she will be donating her hair to cancer sufferers who have lost their hair during chemotherapy.

Cancer Research UK gives a list of organisations which are currently accepting hair donations, including varying length requirements, should you want to follow chloelee397’s example.


Find out more about chloelee397 here

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues and want to speak to someone in confidence, contact Macmillan’s Cancer Support Line on 0808 808 00 00, 8am–8pm seven days a week.

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  1. @chloelee397/TikTok

    the result is utimate

Julia Banim
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