Cumbria Woman Left ‘Looking Like One Of Jesus’ Disciples’ In £110 ASOS Dress


Cumbria Woman Left 'Looking Like One Of Jesus' Disciples' In £110 ASOS DressKennedy News and Media

Ordering clothes online can sometimes be a bit of a minefield – will they be too big, too small, look absolutely nothing like they do in the picture, or just be plain tacky?

Disclaimer: there’s a strong possibility they’ll be at least one of the four options, with certain items that look 10/10 on the website turning up looking like something else entirely.


One student nurse found this out the hard way when she ordered a £110 evening dress from ASOS that left her looking like ‘one of [Jesus’s] 12 disciples’. Yikes.

asos kimono jesus dressKennedy News and Media/ASOS

Abigail Ross, 20, bought the kimono sleeve midi dress in a size 14 to wear for her 21st birthday next month, but was shocked to see what she looked like when she tried it on.

As soon as Abigail slipped the dress over her head on Monday, March 9, she realised it looked nothing like it did on the website.


Rather than looking elegant and sophisticated like the model pictured, Abigail claims the oversized dress and its droopy arms left her looking like ‘one of the 12 disciples’.

A hilarious photo of her wearing the dress, which she posted on social media, shows Abigail smiling at the camera with her arms outstretched as the sleeves of the dress dangle down to her waistline.

GIRL looks like one of jesus' disciples in asos dressKennedy News and Media

She immediately burst out laughing and shared the outfit with her friends on their WhatsApp group chat, and it’s there that the religious-inspired comparison came to life.


Abigail, from Whitehaven, Cumbria, said:

One of my friends mentioned that I looked like Jesus, then I realised, because of the drapes, I actually looked like one of the 12 disciples.

I panic ordered [the dress] because the others didn’t look nice and then it came and it looked like a tablecloth. When I took it out of the bag, I thought maybe it was a dress that looked better on than off.

But when I put the dress on I thought they’d sent me the wrong size because it looked huge – it didn’t look nice at all. It looked like I’d ordered it 10 sizes too big – it’s a 14 but looked like a 22.

I realised it looked awful and then when I went to show my mam we both just burst out laughing. I felt ridiculous when I put it on, I thought I looked like I’d lost loads of weight and my mam said that the sleeves looked like loose skin.

GIRL looks like one of jesus' disciples in asos dressKennedy News and Media

Abigail, who snapped up the dress for £77 after taking advantage of an online discount, has since returned the dress and is waiting for a refund from the retailer.


It’s not put her off online shopping as she has ‘seen the funny side’ to it, so hopefully her next purchase will be something she can actually wear outside of the house, never mind to her 21st birthday party.

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