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Customer 'sick of paying' for bags of chips only half full combines 2 bags at check out
Featured Image Credit: @frecakes8/TikTok

Customer 'sick of paying' for bags of chips only half full combines 2 bags at check out

Why didn't we think of this?

Shoppers are always finding ways to improve their snacking experience with fun and creative hacks and this man went one stop further.

One of the biggest questions shoppers constantly think about is why packets of crisps – or potato chips if you’re American – are always half full.

This appears to be what led this TikToker, who posts using the username @frecakes8, to find a quick solution and take matters into his own hands. Watch his hilarious workaround below:

In the video he is recorded as he mixes two half-full bags of Ruffles chips while he’s still in the store.

“Sick of paying for a full bag of chips but get ½ of bag,” reads caption on the screen.

He’s clearly not the only person who feels this way, as the video has racked up over 420,000 views and more than 28,000 likes since it was posted one week ago.

Despite everyone's anger, however, there is a logical reason why crisp bags aren't filled to the brim.

“People be paying for air and crumb,” another frustrated shopper said in the comments.

“Bros getting his money’s worth,” added another commenter.


However, one person shared: “Not the store’s fault though blame the brand.”

While a fourth admitted they use the same trick with ‘liquid detergent’.

Unfortunately, we don’t know if @frecakes8 was able to successfully pay for just one bag of chips or if he was charged twice. We're thinking probably the latter.

When a TikTok user quipped that the shop ‘definitely [charged] him for two bags’, @frecakes8 simply responded with three laughing-while-crying emojis.

While many people will hate to hear this, there’s actually a logical reason behind the decision to not fill up the packets all the way to the top with chips.

There's a reason why crisps are filled to the top.
incamerastock / Alamy Stock Photo

This is because the nitrogen gas at the top of the bag prevents the rest of the chips from being crushed and turning into little crumbs, which wouldn’t be very appetising.

Sure, there are times when we crave the little crumbs at the bottom of a packet, but it wouldn’t be very nice for the entire bag to be in the same crushed state.

The fried snacks are very fragile and can easily be crushed, especially in cramped store shelves, lunchboxes, or shopping bags filled with other groceries.

This is why companies impose ‘slack fill’ as it's called, by including air to act as a cushion within the packet.

This allows the chips – or crisps – to move around within the packet while being jerked around en route form the manufacturer to stores.

We bet you'll never look at a packet of crisps the same way again.

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