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Woman shares 'secret trick' she does at the end of job interview that impresses employers every time
Featured Image Credit: Willie B. Thomas/Getty / Westend61/Getty

Woman shares 'secret trick' she does at the end of job interview that impresses employers every time

The TikToker said this simple question has never failed when it comes to 'smashing job interviews'

A woman has revealed the one question you should ask to 'kill every job interview'.

Sometimes job interviews can be nerve-wracking, and you can feel like you've blown it if you hit a blank or haven't asked the right questions.

This is where Jennifer Reardon (@notjenneeree) comes in.

Jennifer, from Chicago, Illinois, took to TikTok to share some dos and don'ts of the gruelling process.

She has amassed over one million views after uploading a video with the 'winning question' every job-hunter should be asking when they're being interviewed for a position.

And the comments were filled with people who had tried and tested the trick, claiming it was successful.

The TikToker took to her platform with job interview advice.

The communications director and consultant said that the trick has 'never failed her' when it comes to getting a successful job role.

The video caption reads: "Someone else made a video about her professor giving the same advice (tag her I can't remember who) and I stg this is my secret trick and it worksssssss - try it immediately."

Jennifer gleefully told her 58,000 followers: "You guys don't even understand. Every job I've ever interviewed for where I've said this, I've gotten the job."

She continued: "Do your interview and be normal - whatever. Before you're done, the last question you're going to ask them is something along the lines of 'are there any concerns you have about me that we can address before we end?'

"You guys - they will have concerns and that's your time to address them. And when you're done addressing them, they'll have no concerns and you'll literally get the job."

Many claimed the 'secret trick' had worked for them.

The comment section was flooded with agreement on Jennifer's interview hack, as many shared tips and tricks of their own, with one writing: "I've done this every time and also always get the job. I word it 'What sets me apart from your ideal candidate?'"

Another shared: "After they say do you have any questions for us... I always say 'Can I have the job?' and 90 percent of the time they laugh and I end up getting the job."

Someone else commented: "I always ask 'what qualities does your best employee have that you’d like to see emulated?' And they always eat it up."

While a final user wrote: "My fav question to ask: 'What does success look like in this position?' They loooooove it."

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