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Woman's reaction to TikToker filming video while eating meal at restaurant has gone viral

Woman's reaction to TikToker filming video while eating meal at restaurant has gone viral

The internet has split right down the middle over the viral TikTok

Whether its over their outfit, volume levels or general behavior conduct - it's a fact we've all secretly judged our fellow person from time to time.

But - usually - we try our best to keep our more judgemental reactions under wraps.

However, one woman couldn't help but display her sheer disdain across her face after spotting a content creator out in the wild.

The woman's reaction to the TikToker filming herself while eating a meal at an IHOP restaurant has since gone viral and it has sent the internet into a complete spiral. Check it out:

The video was posted by Ana - @addictedtoana on TikTok - and was shared to her 503.3k followers.

The overlay text on TikTok reads: "My hangryness leaving my body at the moment I have my food."

It showed Ana goofily smiling and dancing on her seat as she picks up her knife and fork before tucking in to the stack of pancakes dripping in what looks like caramel sauce and squirty cream.

To be completely fair to Ana - the grub looks pretty darn good.

She captioned the short clip: "The best part of this video is the woman judging me."

Tell me those pancakes aren't worth dancing over.

The short video has since clocked up more than a whopping 34 million views on the platform, with 2.8 million likes and dozens of thousands of comments from people keen to share their reactions to the bizarre yet nonetheless side-splitting encounter.

Many rushed in to defend the TikToker who was called out for her reaction to the IHOP meal with one TikTok user stating: "See y'all hating but this is literally me. Gotta dance the demon out now that I have food. Don't matter [if] it's 'just IHOP.'"

A second chimed in: "it's food people! Quit judging just cause it's IHOP!"

"The worst kind of person is someone who judges you for being happy about something," hit out another.

Surprisingly, though, many were beyond obsessed with the woman's hilarious reaction with TikTok user writing: "I love the girl in the back."

The face of pure confusion.

"THE GIRL IN THE BACK IS SO REAL," penned a second.

A third echoed: "She's so real for making that face at you."

"The girl in the back is literally how I'd react," admitted a fourth, while another revealed: "No because I would’ve reacted the same way."

A final TikTok user added: "We’re all the girl in the back."

I guess we are.

In a follow-up video, which has since amassed 8.5 million views, Ana posted the same clip but zoomed in on the woman with the overlay text reading: "POV: when a customer that came after you gets their food first."

She captioned the TikTok: "Best video u will see today lol."

Well, the internet sure seemed to agree.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@addictedtoana

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