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Age gap couple TikTokers announce break after livestream leaves people concerned

Age gap couple TikTokers announce break after livestream leaves people concerned

TikTok users are used to getting updates on James and Britnye's relationship

A couple who gained thousands of followers by discussing their age difference on TikTok have announced a three-month break after a livestream left fans concerned.

TikTokers Britnye, 22, and James, 57, regularly give fans insights into their relationship and 35-year age gap, discussing their reasons for getting together and what their family members think of their romance, which has been ongoing for more than a year.

The couple appear to lean into the criticisms they receive online in their bio, which questions: "In love or just drunk?"

However, fans started to become concerned Britnye really was under the influence when they went live on TikTok recently.

This came after the video of them announcing the livestream was also hit with negative comments:

During the livestream, fans began to flood the comments section with questions about whether Britnye was really sober - a topic which has long been popular among viewers.

One comment on a video reads, "She is always drunk," while another asks: "Is she always drunk[?]"

Though TikTok users have been asking the question for some time, the comments apparently proved too much in the recent livestream and prompted James to quickly bring the video to an end.

Following the TikTok live, Britnye took to the platform to share a video by herself, announcing that she and James were 'going to take a three month break off TikTok' but promising they would 'be back' after the break.

The TikToker said the reason for the break was a 'secret', but added a caption claiming there were 'exciting things ahead' and said she and James would explain all when they were back.

James and Britnye have gained thousands of followers by sharing insights to their relationship.

In the meantime, Britnye directed users to her own TikTok account, saying viewers could go there for updates on 'just [her]' while James could be 'coming soon to a screen near you'.

The news prompted some TikTok users to speculate the pair might have broken up, but the promise to return to TikTok suggests otherwise.

Britnye and James have previously dismissed claims their romance isn't real, saying people are 'entitled to their opinion' but pointing out 'love is love'.

James has previously been married for 30 years and shares four daughters with his ex-wife. Responding to intrigued fans, James has revealed two of his daughters are 'okay' with the relationship, while one is 'sitting on the fence' and the fourth would 'like to murder [Britnye' with a pitckfork'.

"You don’t deserve to be murdered with a pitchfork babe, that’s for sure," James told his partner in the video.

Fans have been sad to hear they won't be getting updates from James and Britnye on their joint account, but it sounds like they'll at least have some interesting news to share when they do make a comeback.

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