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Man vows ‘never to do Secret Santa again’ after receiving awful present when he went ‘all out’

Man vows ‘never to do Secret Santa again’ after receiving awful present when he went ‘all out’

A TikToker was definitely disappointed with his Secret Santa gift

Christmas can definitely be one of the more fun times of your 9-to-5.

People are in a festive mood, there's occasional treats in the office, the Christmas party is marked on the calendar and, of course, there is secret Santa.

Some people certainly take pride in their gift giving ability for the sheer chance at being able to show how good they are at it.

However, this wasn't the case for this TikToker - as he has vowed to 'never do secret Santa again' after receiving his gift.

Watch his video here:

Posting on his page, user @Star_Hollywood said he went the extra mile for his secret Santa recipient.

“I put Christmas lights on the bag, Santa paper, I put bells on the gift bag – the lady that I got I went over and beyond,” he said.

So, when it was his turn to receive his gift on Friday, he thought the effort would be mutual so he was pretty 'excited'.

“So you know the day comes, I’m excited I'm all festive, I got my Christmas ugly sweater on." he says.

“I get to work, everybody putting their bags down on the shelf, a couple hours go by and they call everybody up.

The man has vowed against Secret Santa.

"I’m excited, its Christmas time, some people don’t get a gift and secret Santa sometimes [ensures] that person that they get that one gift so I make sure I always go above and beyond."

However, his Secret Santa was nowhere to be seen, and he was later told that she wasn't in so he wouldn't be getting his present till Monday - which he said was 'no big deal'.

And before long, Monday came around.

“I get to work today, I get my gift y’all. She hands me my gift, I open it up and this is what I have.” he said.

And lo and behold - it was a box of wrapped chocolate, including Hersheys, mini Reese’s and Mr Goodbars.

The TikToker said he only received a chocolate for his secret Santa.

According to the TikToker, the limit for the Secret Santa was $25 - and he acknowledges that these brands can be 'expensive'.

"Well maybe, she spent a little bit of money on the bow and the box because the box is kind of fancy,” he said.

“But y’all, I get a box of candy.”

And some TikTok users also couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Many asked if a 'gift card' was under the candy, with another saying: "That's why I don't participate."

And someone else said: "I would leave it in a public spot in the office with a note that says “FREE SNACKS.”

What do you think?

Featured Image Credit: star_hollywood/TikTok

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