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Woman furious as 'neighbour covers car in dog poo' over parking feud

Woman furious as 'neighbour covers car in dog poo' over parking feud

A woman was left furious after she returned to her car to find dog poo and boiling water left by an angry resident.

A woman has been left furious after returning to her car to find an angry neighbour had thrown dog poo and boiling water all over her vehicle.

Mum Natalie Mayers took to TikTok (@truerebelheartcoaching) to share an encounter she had with a local homeowner in Toowoomba, Southern Queensland, Australia. Watch below:

Mayers parked in a spot in front of someone's house, who had left a sign on her front garden gate to say that no one could park there.

The woman had left her car there to go to work, but when she returned, she claims that the house owner was tipping dog poo and boiling hot water over her car.

Mayers quickly whipped out her phone to film the woman as she confronted her for what she had done.

The woman did not deny that she poured the dog poo and water onto the car, and pointed out to the sign which said that she didn't want people parking there while they go to work.

She insisted that her actions were justified because of the sign, suggesting that there was plenty of other spaces for the worker to park on the street.

Dog poo was left on the woman's car.

But despite her sign, the resident's house is a public legal parking zone, which means Mayers can legally park there.

However, that didn't stop the angry resident comforting Mayer, she said: "Why did you park in front of my house when there’s a sign here saying please don’t, and the street is empty.

"You’ve been here over three hours - I’ve taken a photo of what time you got here and when I did this. Why would you park here?"

The woman also seemed to confirm it wasn't the first time she has had an argument with a driver who parked outside her property, as she said: "I’m already going to court because there’s probably a friend of yours that was parked here last time."

Mayers posted a follow-up to her original TikTok video, saying that the situation escalated off-camera to the point where she had to ring the police.

Things apparently got out worse after the TikToker put her camera down.

She said: "I did actually call 000 because she threatened me and told me to wait and see what she did to my car if I ever chose to come back.

"I did feel a little bit concerned about what she actually might do next so I called triple zero and they told me to move my car further down the road."

Daily Mail Australia has confirmed that Queensland Police are investigating the incident.

UNILAD has contacted Queensland Police for comment.

Featured Image Credit: @truerebelheartcoaching/TikTok

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