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Man Who Eats Raw Meat Says It's More Sensual Than Eating It Cooked
Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Man Who Eats Raw Meat Says It's More Sensual Than Eating It Cooked

Boban Simic has insisted he's 'never felt better' thanks to his raw diet

A bouncer whose diet consists of raw meat, breast milk and vaginal discharge has described how much more 'sensual' it is to eat in comparison to eating cooked food.

While the thought of eating any of the above is enough to put anyone off their dinner, self proclaimed 'health nut' Boban Simic claims his unconventional diet has made him feel healthier than ever and right now, 'he's never felt better'.

Take a look at him tucking into one of his usual meals... at your own risk, of course:

It all started for Boban four years ago when he started including uncooked meat in his diet, including the likes of pork, lamb and goat, which was all in a bid to become more 'alpha and aggressive'.

While insisting that his unique diet has never made him sick, the 40-year-old has admitted he checks the toilet every day for signs of worms.

"I still look at my poop every day to look for worms," he explained.

Pretty wise decision, I'd say.

Boban, who is from Chicago, US, usually consumes 12-30 raw egg yolks for breakfast, two pounds of raw meat for lunch and more raw egg yolks for dinner, with him explaining: "Everything I eat is raw. I eat raw lamb which is my least favourite because it has a strong taste and is lean. I eat raw beef, and raw chicken breast, which is one of my favourites.

Boban Simic lives off a diet that consists of raw meat, eggs and breast milk.
Kennedy News and Media

"The best I've had is raw goat because it's super tender. The texture depends on the cut. Chicken breast is as tender as fish."

But for Boban, his diet is so much more than what it tastes like, as for him, it's all about what it feels like.

He said: "I like the raw feeling. It's refreshing when it goes down. You're eating flesh like an animal is supposed to do so it's more sensual, a more sensual experience."

Speaking of his first time eating raw meat, he added: "I was really nervous the first time I ate raw pork but I knew it couldn't harm me. I know you can eat raw steak and with chicken, there's salmonella but big deal. You don't get sick.

"I wanted to be more healthy and powerful and I plan on living forever."

Boban has described eating raw meat as 'sensual'.
Kennedy News and Media

But believe it or not, raw meat and eggs aren't the only thing on the menu for Boban as he's admitted to also indulging in vaginal discharge and breast milk.

"I was with a lady that was producing milk and I tasted it and I thought it was kind of sweet and delicious and yummy and the idea hit me," he explained.

He then 'researched about the vagina and probiotics' and another great idea hit him: "I got it from another girl I was seeing. I've heard of people making beer and bread from vaginal yeast.

"When you drink it, you leave a little bit left over and use it to make the next batch so these girls will live on in my milk. It's turning out better and better."

While the bouncer's diet may sound extreme to many, he insists he's now so much more 'mentally balanced' and 'happier' since switching to the raw life.

The bouncer insists he's 'never felt better'.
Kennedy News and Media

"I would get depressed before but since the raw diet, I'm so much mentally balanced, happier and I'm so much better mentally. That's the biggest change," Boban explained.

"When you eat a pound of cooked steak you feel sleepy and like you want to rest. With raw you can eat two pounds, you'd feel full but you can jog afterwards."

And as for those who disagree with his lifestyle?

"I don't know how people can eat junk food with plastic and silicone in it and artificial stuff but eating a natural animal weirds them out. A lot of it is ignorance."

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