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Couple earning $100,000 each say they’re struggling to pay their bills
Featured Image Credit: SWNS

Couple earning $100,000 each say they’re struggling to pay their bills

The pair are trying to cut back on 'unessential expenses'

While most of us could only dream of bringing home a six-figure salary by the age of 25, this woman is still having to 'downgrade' her lifestyle.

It's not new information that the cost of living crisis is still effecting people, and a Seattle-based couple are drastically having to rethink their finances despite earning what a lot would see as a good salary.

Natalie Fischer, 25, and her husband, Keldon, 30, both work in the tech industry and each earn six-figure salaries - with a combined income of $200,000 between them.

The pair used to have outgoings of $2,378 for their modest two-bed apartment in Seattle, Washington, US, which is the average price for a property of that size in the city.

They would also spend $1,163 on bills, $200 on groceries, $300 on eating out, totalling a $4,000 average spend each month.


Natalie and Keldon also tied the knot last year, which set them back an eye-watering $20,000 for their special day.

Now, in a bid to curb their spending, the pair have cancelled their $208 gym memberships, Natalie has stopped getting monthly manicures and pedicures which would set her back $100 and they will only go out for food once a week.

Natalie and Keldon have had to ditch their expensive gym memberships.

Natalie, a content creator, said: "I consider me and my husband to be middle class. We live in the greater Seattle area and we both had nine to five jobs in the tech industry.

"We're both earning over $100k and as we started to earn more money we treated ourselves a lot more.

"A big reason we have decided to downgrade our lifestyle is because we didn't know where our money was going."

As the couple's salaries increased, they experienced what they called 'lifestyle creep' - where they wouldn't think twice about spending more because they were able to.

Natalie said: "Just five years ago we were broke college students. As we started to earn more money we treated ourselves more.

"We weren't too concerned about spending money going out, getting my hair done or going travelling."

Natalie admitted that she was 'living beyond her needs'.

The 25-year-old admitted that she and her husband would often eat out as many as three times a week at one point.

But due to their frequent spending on top of their already expensive bills, Natalie and Keldon found that they weren't putting very much away into their savings.

"I was living beyond my needs," Natalie admitted. "I want to greatly increase the savings we have and I feel like we spend way too much so I am trying to balance it this year.

"I know we have experienced lifestyle creep - that is a big reason to why I wanted to downgrade my lifestyle and track where every dollar is going."

The couple's aim for 2024 is spent just $10 each on clothing a month, $0 on gym memberships and eating out/socialising, and cut to their food bills down to more than half of what it was.

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