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Former teacher reveals she makes more in a month on OnlyFans than she did in a year at school
Featured Image Credit: Credit: Fox 8

Former teacher reveals she makes more in a month on OnlyFans than she did in a year at school

Brianna Coppage, 28, earned $1million using the content-sharing app in just a matter of weeks

An former high school teacher has opened up on a rather X-rated side-hustle she embarked on last year, which earns her much more that her educational salary.

Finding her $42,000 pay cheque insufficient to pay off her student loans, Missouri teacher Brianna Coppage became intrigued by the idea of making money through OnlyFans.

And joining the often-explicit conscription service site proved to be a turning point for Brianna, after she soon released she'd be able to pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars on a regular basis.

The ex-teacher, 28, hit the headlines after joining the app over the summer, when administrators at St Clair High School discovered she'd been posting adult content on the app.

Despite being placed on leave, Brianna's professional woes didn't last too long, as her explicit antics on the app had bagged her $1milllion within a matter of weeks.

Speaking to KMOV, Brianna - who had previously been teaching for five years - opened up about her staggering new salary.

Brianna quit teaching to pursue OnlyFans.

"Missouri is one of the lowest states in the nation for teacher pay," she told the news outlet.

"The district I was working for is also one of the lowest paying districts in the state. I feel like times are tough. I have student loans.

"I have multiple degrees in education, and it would be helpful for extra money."

Brianna quickly worked out that, on her former teaching salary, she'd have to work for almost 24 years in order to make the amount she could earn posting on OnlyFans in six months.

The former English professor has accumulated tens of thousands of subscribers on the app since signing up this summer, and has 'far exceeded' her teaching salary, paying off her student debt.

Brianna has made over $1million since joining OnlyFans.

"I’ve been able to pay off all my student loans, any car loans, any credit card debt. I have no debt now, and that’s really freeing," she explained.

"Being a teacher, I know I never would have been able to fully pay all of that off."

Brianna insists she's 'not advertising' the content-sharing platform to her students however, adding: "I just don’t think that’s OK."

"Students were never meant to see this," she continued. "I know people are saying, ‘You taught high school. They were bound to find it at some point'. Maybe. I was faceless. I did not use my real name.”

Though she claims she'll miss her students and has already been grieving her career as a teacher, she doesn't have any regrets over her career choice.

Brianna adds that, if teachers are held to such a high standard, she wants to see them paid accordingly and believes everyone has the right to a personal life outside of work.

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