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Man saw his bank balance go from $46 to $26.7 million overnight by mistake

Man saw his bank balance go from $46 to $26.7 million overnight by mistake

A Brazilian bus driver was left rather shocked after his bank account made it into its millions overnight.

I'm sure we have all wondered what it would be like to become a millionaire overnight, though the majority of us will never get to experience such a thing.

Despite that, we are all dreaming of what we would spend the mega millions on - a mansion with a helipad and a fancy holiday or ten, perhaps?

Well, while that will be a fever dream for a lot of us, one man actually had the rather crazy experience of millions randomly landing in his bank account.

Antônio Pereira, a father of four and grandfather of 14, woke up one day to six extra digits in his bank account - though it was all a mistake.

Pereira realised the only way he could really win such a mega amount of money would be by playing the lottery, something he does not play.

Antônio Pereira was shocked by the sudden windfall.
TV Anhanguera

The bus driver from the Brazilian city of Palmas was initially scared after he saw his bank balance increase from 227 reais ($46) to 131,870,227 reais ($26.7 million).

Speaking to TV Anhanguera earlier this week, he said: "So many zeros appeared that I was scared … I've never seen money like that in my life.

"And I'll never get it in my life, only if I win in the Mega Sena, and I don't play."

The rather unexpected financial windfall came about as a result of an errant transfer that should have been transferred to another bank account.

Even though it was unexpected, some people would have taken some of the money out and spent it after the financial windfall came in.

But Pereira sees himself as a trustworthy person, so never even thought about withdrawing any of the money.

The bus driver never thought of spending the money.
TV Anhanguera

"I went to my house and told my wife, 'We got rich.' But immediately my wife also said, 'Let's give it back," Pereira recalled.

He visited his neighbourhood bank - one of which he had been a customer of for 25 years - to return the money.

"At nine o'clock at night, the money left my account for their account," he said.

While many would have kept quiet and spent the money, a Brazilian lawyer has explained how Pereira was required to return the money even if the bank sent it to him by mistake.

Lawyer Paula Dângelo told TV Anhanguera: "So, although you are happy with the situation, with the surprise, a miracle happened, using that money is a crime."

He added a person could face civil and criminal penalties if they use the money.

Featured Image Credit: TV Anhanguera / Tetra Images / Alamy Stock Photo

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