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Snoop Dogg told Chief Keef to 'slow down' after he told him how much weed he smokes every day
Featured Image Credit: Snoop Dogg TV

Snoop Dogg told Chief Keef to 'slow down' after he told him how much weed he smokes every day

The rapper told him to take it easy after finding out the staggering amount that Chief Keef gets through

Snoop Dogg has warned Chief Keef to take take it down a notch, or five, in regards to his colossal daily weed intake.

The 'Gin and Juice' rapper even went as far to tell Keef to 'slow down' - a piece of advice we would have never expected to come out of Snoop's mouth.

The hilarious interaction has since gone viral with millions of people in stitches over the rapper's words of wisdom. Check it out:

It all started when Snoop invited Keef to come and talk on an episode of his show, Snoop Dogg TV.

The pair discussed a whole load of different subjects, from music and family to ice-cream and weed - it's clear that the two rappers didn't leave a single stone unturned.

Getting right to the point, Snoop asked his guest: "How many blunts do you smoke in a day?"

Keef, after some thought, replied: "I smoke two ounces. I smoke ounces - like two ounces a day."

Snoop Dogg was totally shocked by Chief Keef's daily weed intake.
Snoop Dogg TV

Really hammered that point there.

Trying to quantify Keef's daily intake further, the 'Drop It Like It's Hot' rapper asked: "But if you had to put it in a ratio of blunts..."

At this point, the whole conversation effectively became maths with Snoop as the teacher.

Snoop asked Keef to quantify his weed 'ratio'.
Snoop Dogg TV

He said: "Like, see how I brought four blunts out here and I've smoked on and I'm smoking another - that's two."

Well explained, Snoop, well explained.

"So look, OK look," Keef responded.

"An ounce for me, in blunts, is like a whole pack of wood."

In case you're not quite familiar with this measurement, a 'whole pack of wood' refers to 'five blunts' according to Keef.

Clearly in disbelief, the marijuana maestro himself asked: "You smoke a whole f***ing ounce for five blunts?!"

Explaining that his 'assistant' is the one who does the rolling of said blunts, Keef confidently confirmed the news.

"Slow down, brother," Snoop warned the 'Love Sosa' rapper, "you could get 10 out of that man!"

"But," Keef concluded, "I had two ounces."

Keef said he smoked two ounces of weed in five blunts every day.
Snoop Dogg TV

Laughing at the revelation, Snoop ended the interrogation telling Keef: "I love it. I f***ing love it."

The advice we thought we'd never hear from Snoop has since gone viral online with millions of social media users eager to react to the encounter.

One YouTube user commented: "When Snoop tells yah to chill you know you’re in deep."

"Snoop out here explaining basic math lmao," joked a second.

A third did their own maths: "Ten five-gram blunts every day? That’s more weed than oxygen."

Not sure about that but, regardless, it's a whole lotta weed.

"This is the most Snoop Dogg conversation Snoop Dogg has ever had," pointed out a fourth.

A final YouTube user wrote: "I love this high talk tbh."

Don't we all?

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