Ryan Reynolds Got Hugh Jackman Naked For A Shoe Commercial


Ryan Reynolds Got Hugh Jackman Naked For A Shoe CommercialMaximum Effort

Part of Hugh Jackman died and ‘went to ball heaven’ when he stripped off for a shoe commercial for the ‘personal amusement’ of Ryan Reynolds. 

The Wolverine actor teamed up with Australian brand RM Williams to show off a pair of its lovely leather boots in a new advert where he makes clear that when he says he’s in, he’s ‘all in’.


His dedication couldn’t be disputed as Jackman made sure to sport nothing other than the RM Williams brand; a look he achieved by wearing the boots and nothing else.

Check out the commercial below:


With his bare bum settled into the new chair of an RM Williams employee, Jackman put his feet up on the desk and raved about what a delight it was to be wearing the swanky shoes, insisting it was a ‘privilege’ to work with the company.


The employee pointed out that the stipulation that Jackman could ‘only wear RM Williams’ didn’t stop him from wearing clothes, but the actor dismissed his comments and focused instead on the stitching and comfortable feel of the shoes.

The commercial comes from production company and marketing agency Maximum Effort, launched by Jackman’s longtime frenemy Reynolds.

Hugh Jackman strips naked for shoe commercialMaximum Effort

Maximum Effort explains that it makes ‘movies, tv series, content and cocktails for the personal amusement’ of Reynolds, and with the long history of banter between the two movie stars it’s clear that making Jackman strip off is a pitch that the Deadpool star would be more than on board with.


Reynolds shared the video on his YouTube channel, writing:

Let’s all take a moment to honor the sacrifice of that poor chair.

Jackman was obviously more than happy to oblige with his nudity, and his enthusiasm about being involved with RM Williams only grew as he admired his shoes, commenting: ‘The balls of my feet just feel like they’ve died and were widely mourned, and just went to ball heaven.’

Hugh Jackman strips naked for shoe commercialMaximum Effort

RM Williams followed up the release of its commercial with a statement in which it described the ad as a ‘video of a private meeting’.

It continued:

To be clear, RM Williams encourages all people – including Hugh Jackman – to wear clothes. Clothes have many amazing benefits from making the wearer look stylish to making meetings way less awkward.

As soon as this meeting in question ended, we immediately contacted Hugh’s counsel to make sure they explain our ‘only R.M.Williams boots’ contractual stipulation did not apply to other vestments.

RM Williams went on to say that Jackman has since gone back to wearing clothes, probably much to Reynolds’ dismay.


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