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Ryan Gosling says the silliest he's ever looked on-screen wasn't Ken but was when he was a hamster

Ryan Gosling says the silliest he's ever looked on-screen wasn't Ken but was when he was a hamster

Turns out Ryan Gosling has done much sillier things than simply be 'just Ken'

Barbie finally lands in cinemas this Friday 21 July after what’s felt like the biggest load of movie PR ever - and we’re not complaining.

And while Margot Robbie plays the important, do-all character, co-star Ryan Gosling is simply ‘just Ken’.

We’ve already seen his real-life doll character in music videos, wearing multiple pairs of shades at one and just doing plenty of well, silly things.

In Greta Gerwig’s latest movie project, Barbie and Ken leave behind the perfect world of Barbie Land for the reality of our real world.

But both Robbie and Gosling have said they’ve done plenty of ‘silly’ roles and The Notebook actor confirmed the sillier than Ken role of his past.

He once played an animal called Chubby – and we don’t mean voiced an animation. No, he was dressed as one himself.

Gosling revealed this role of his younger past in a BBC Radio 1 interview where he seemed to instantly regret remembering his time as a human-sized hamster.

The 42-year-old said Ken wouldn’t even rank in the top 10 ‘I’ve never looked more ridiculous in my entire life moments’ as he’s looked ‘pretty ridiculous his entire life’.

The Canadian hit fame pretty early at the age of 13, working as a child actor on Disney Channel’s The Mickey Mouse Club – where he unsurprisingly did plenty of silly things.

As well as remembering his time as Young Hercules in the late 90’s, he reveals much to Robbie’s surprise: “I was a hamster at one point.”

But he wasn’t thrilled with himself for this as his co-star said she’d be ‘digging it up’, and the interview featured a clip from Gosling’s child actor past.

Gosling is starring in the upcoming Barbie movie.
Warner Bros.

In his furry-friend role, the young star wore a huge hamster costume and comedically tried to cross his legs in a chair.

Robbie told him he’d ‘walked into that one’ Gosling sighs: “You do it to yourself man. Why’d you bring it up?”

Robbie’s ‘silliest’ role also involved an interesting costume and was during her time on Australian soap, Neighbours.

“They once made me wear a giant cigarette suit,” she recalls. “It was the most embarrassing thing."

The pair did admit to looking ‘ridiculous’ throughout the Barbie movie though, such as the Venice roller-skating scene in visors, leg warmers and neon clothes.

“There were so many real humans there,” Robbie explains. And Gosling adds: “That was the first time I Ken’d publicly.

“Margot and Greta had created such a safe and creative environment that you could really try and do anything and then suddenly stepped out as Ken in public – it’s a rude awakening.”

Featured Image Credit: BBC Radio / Disney

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