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Resurfaced clip of Britney Spears talking about sex life leaves fans sad for way she was treated

Resurfaced clip of Britney Spears talking about sex life leaves fans sad for way she was treated

The singer was asked a lot of personal questions after she rose to fame

Britney Spears fans have shared their sadness over how the singer was treated following her rise to fame after a video of her talking about her sex life resurfaced online.

Spears found her way into the spotlight from an early age, having only just turned 17 when her debut album, Baby One More Time, was released in 1999.

Quickly becoming one of the most iconic stars of the noughties, Spears was subject to some very invasive interviews. But while she shut down in some, she opened up in others:

The singer had been known to criticise journalists at times for overstepping boundaries, but she seemed happy to discuss her sex life in a 2000s interview which took place in Japan when she was around 19 years old.

Spears was asked about everything from her favourite type of underwear to her favourite sex position, but she laughed and squealed as she answered the questions with little hesitation.

After the clip resurfaced online this week, fans noticed how happy Spears seemed in the interview in comparison to situations in which she was pushed to with questions and encouraged to perform for the spotlight.

"Obsessed, if only she had been allowed to be herself," one person wrote after watching the clip, while another commented: "It just shows how comfortable Britney is when an interview is more like a conversation with a friend. she's always hated those uppity professional kind of interviews."

Spears looked comfortable to be answering the questions in the clip.

Fiona Horne, who conducted the interview in the viral clip, described Spears as 'such a sweet fun girl' and an 'incredibly hard worker'.

Horne said the interview took place for the Asia/Pacific region to launch Spears' ‘Oops I did It Again’ single, adding: "We hit it off as we sat on the floor and chatted. Off camera we talked about our favorite part of Tokyo (we both agreed Shibuya was super fun) and she showed me her pedicure, red with daisies - she said she got it in Hawaii a couple of days before...

"She was (and remains) an incredible performer and artist and just the loveliest human."

Horne's interview comes in contrast to some of the other chats Spears had at the height of her career, with one fan describing interviewers as being 'cruel and disgusting to her'.

In another exchange, she refused to answer a question about whether or not she was a virgin, simply laughing and saying that was 'personal' information.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@breatheonmiley

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