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Piers Morgan Reacts To Greta Thunberg’s Nobel Prize Chances In Most Piers Morgan Way

Emily Brown

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Piers Morgan responds to Greta Thunberg possible Nobel PrizePA Images

Greta Thunberg has been tipped to win the Nobel Peace Prize and Piers Morgan’s reaction is, well, just exactly what you’d expect. 

I think we’re all familiar with Piers, aren’t we? The guy who regularly picks fights over things that have literally nothing to do with him, who slams men for carrying their babies or kissing their children, body-shames women and calls vegans ‘PC-ravaged clowns’.


Well, that very same man has accused Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old fighting to save the planet, of ‘abusing loads of adults’. Seems fair.

Piers MorganGetty

The Good Morning Britain host made the comment after hearing Greta is the bookies’ favourite to win the Nobel Peace Prize; a massive accolade which would acknowledge all she has done in the fight against climate change.

After starting her campaign by protesting alone outside Sweden’s parliament, the activist has gone on to inspire millions of people from every corner of the globe to take part in weekly ‘Fridays for Future’ marches.


She gave a passionate and eye-opening speech at the UN Climate Summit last month and has since been travelling around the US to spread her message and continue the fight.

But still, Piers asks: ‘What’s she done for peace, exactly?’

Taking to Twitter, the 54-year-old continued:


She’s got just very very angry about climate change, abused loads of adults & terrified millions of children.

I think what the TV presenter has failed to recognise is that in getting ‘very very angry about climate change’, Greta has forced the world to open their eyes to the urgency of the issue.

‘Abused’ is too strong of a word to describe Greta’s passionate arguments about the planet but any adults she has addressed throughout her fight have deserved to have the spotlight put on them, because the actions of previous generations have led us down a dangerous path.

Same People Saying Shamima Begum, 15, Knew What She Was Doing Say Greta Thunberg, 16, Doesn'tPA

As for ‘terrifying millions of children’, that wasn’t Greta, but merely the fact that our planet is dying and future generations will suffer because of it.

After Piers shared his opinions on Twitter, many people were quick to call out the inaccuracies of his comments.

Musician BC Camplight responded:

Piers, the prize is given to a person who has ‘done the best work for fraternity between nations’. You know like inspiring millions of people, in 150 countries, in 4,600 locations, to unite against a very real problem.

How do you manage to be a giant prick AND a massive tw*t?


Another wrote:

She’s trying to improve the world so that’s worthy of a peace prize. Unlike you lot who seem to suck the life and resources from the world! What have you done to improve the world Piers?

While there were dozens of people who pointed out exactly why Greta deserves the Nobel Prize, I don’t think there’s any getting through to Piers.

If he’s this angry just at the idea of her winning, imagine what he’ll say if she proves successful. With the winners announced next week, Piers’ keyboard could be subject to some seriously aggressive tweeting.

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Piers Morgan/Twitter
  1. Piers Morgan/Twitter


Emily Brown
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