Piers Morgan Backs Gogglebox Star’s ‘Cancel Culture’ Claims


Piers Morgan Backs Gogglebox Star's 'Cancel Culture' ClaimsAlamy

Piers Morgan has expressed support for claims about cancel culture made by actor and Celebrity Gogglebox star Maureen Lipman.

Lipman, who announced she was quitting the Channel 4 show this month, has expressed belief that comedy is in danger of being ‘wiped out’ as a result of cancel culture.


Many celebrities have been affected by cancel culture as members of the public and social media users attempt to hold them accountable for controversial and potentially offensive comments made online, in interviews and in comedy routines, whether they be from years gone by or in relation to recent events.

Maureen Lipman (Alamy)Alamy

However, Lipman, who is also a comedian, believes comedians are now so worried about offending people and being cancelled that ‘a revolution’ is taking place, and it’s ‘in the balance whether [comedians] will ever be funny again’.

Speaking to BBC News, the Coronation Street actor said:


Cancel culture, this cancelling, this punishment, it’s everywhere. Punishment. An eye for an eye. ‘You said that, therefore you must never work again.’ Sooner or later the cancellers will win.

Something has to be forbidden to make you laugh, really belly laugh. It’s when you shouldn’t be laughing. All the things that have been cancelled out by being correct are, I’m afraid, all the things that make people laugh.

Lipman’s views were backed by Morgan on Twitter, who shared a link to her comments and made clear that he was on the same page, writing, ‘She’s right. We need to cancel cancel culture.’

Not all comedians agree with Lipman, though, as while Russell Kane admitted that comedians may fear being cancelled for things they have said in the past, he dismissed the belief that they are sacrificing their jokes out of fear of being cancelled.


He commented:

I don’t think anyone is saying you can’t be offended, nobody is saying that, what we’re saying is you can’t use hate speech that would prompt a gender-related crime, a sex-related crime or a race-related crime.

There’s been a massive, much needed shift in the conversation around gender, around men’s attitudes to women, around consent. Society has moved on.

Lipman’s comments come as a YouGov poll cited by BBC News revealed 57% of 1,677 respondents said they censor themselves on issues such as immigration and trans rights out of fear for being judged for their views.

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