Pierce Brosnan Saved Halle Berry From Choking During Bond Sex Scene Gone Wrong

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Pierce Brosnan had to display a range of talents during his time as James Bond, but he probably didn’t anticipate the Heimlich manoeuvre being one of them. 

That is, until his co-star Halle Berry started choking on a fig during a sex scene.

I know you’re probably thinking, ‘Sorry, which Bond film was this?’, but obviously the creators decided not to include the blunder in the final cut. Berry choking on a fig probably wasn’t quite the cool, calm, collected and sexy character portrayal they were going for.

Halle Berry in Die Another DayMGM

The incident came to light during a recent episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, on which Berry starred as a virtual guest and recalled her time working with Brosnan on the 2002 Bond film Die Another Day, which marked his final appearance as the spy.

During the interview, Fallon asked whether Berry had ever taken part in an action or fight scene that she later deemed to be embarrassing, and she admitted that while she’d never had an issue with an action scene, she’d struggled with the physical aspects of one sex scene.

She explained:

One time I was doing a scene with Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day, and I was supposed to be all sexy and like, trying to seduce him with a fig, and then I end up choking on it.

Check out the interview here:

Now, I admit I haven’t actually seen Die Another Day, so I don’t know whether she ever successfully managed to pull off the seduce-with-a-fig maneuver. I can’t say that I’ve ever thought of a fig as a particularly sexy fruit, though Berry had obviously come up with a move that was intended to make Bond go weak at the knees.

Evidently, that didn’t go to plan, and rather than going weak at the knees Brosnan had to jump up and come to her rescue.

The actor continued:

He had to get up and do the Heimlich. It was so not sexy, like so not sexy!

Halle Berry and Pierce Brosnan in Die Another DayMGM

Fallon burst out laughing at the anecdote, responding: ‘You never see that in a James Bond movie!’

Thankfully, Brosnan’s heroic actions proved successful and Berry managed to get rid of the potentially-fatal fig, though I imagine she’d have needed some time to recover before going on with the intended sex scene.

She added:

You should have seen it! Like, James Bond knows how to Heimlich. [Pierce] was there for me. He will always be one of my favourite people in the world.

Halle Berry in Die Another DayMGM

I can’t imagine Berry will ever find herself having to act sexy with a fig again in the future, but on the off chance she does, hopefully she’ll have learned not to get too carried away with the dangerous fruit.

Maybe next time she’d be better off using something smaller… might I suggest a berry, Halle?


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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube
  1. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

    Pierce Brosnan Saved Halle Berry from Choking During a James Bond Love Scene

Emily Brown
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