Pete Davidson Received Bag Full Of Weed From Fan After Saying He Wasn’t Doing Drugs

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Pete Davidson Received Bag Full Of Weed From Fan After Saying He Wasn't Doing DrugsThe Tonight Show/YouTube

Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson apparently received a giant bag of weed from a fan just hours after he revealed he wasn’t doing drugs any more. 

Davidson recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon alongside Judd Apatow to promote their new film The King of Staten Island, which is set to be released on-demand next month.

Before they started talking about the film, Fallon asked his guests how they’d been getting on during quarantine – a question which, when posed to celebrities, pretty much guarantees some interesting answers. With their wealth, big houses, social media fame and big fan following, celebrities have been getting up to all sorts of weird and wonderful things during quarantine.

Check out Pete discussing his unusual quarantine delivery with Judd Apatow:


Other celebs, meanwhile, have taken to more wholesome activities. Courteney Cox, for example has recently started binge-watching herself in Friends, some artists have been using their home music studios to put on concerts, and Fallon himself has passed the time by dressing up as Nicolas Cage playing Joe Exotic.

Though there are some good contenders for ‘most unusual quarantine experience’, I think Davidson’s comes out top as he found himself involved in a strange drug-delivery service.

Speaking to Fallon to explain the situation further, the SNL star explained he and Apatow had recently released an Instagram video to promote their new film, in which he mentioned he wasn’t doing drugs while quarantining in his mother’s basement.

Check out the Fallon interview here:

Apparently that news didn’t sit quite right with one fan, though, so they decided to set things straight by sending Davidson a huge bag of weed.

He continued:

Literally three hours later a lady rang my doorbell with a full bag of weed and gave it to my mum and said ‘I heard your son needs this’.

Now, I don’t know what Davidson’s mum is like, but if my mother answered the door to someone offering a huge bag of weed, she’d slam it shut again and give me a full interrogation.

It’s unclear how Davidson’s mum reacted to the situation, but Davidson didn’t seem to mind too much that someone had tried to lure him away from the weed-free life.

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Right now east coast!

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He joked:

So if you see this, please do not do that, because I will sell it.

Fallon urged fans not to give Davidson drugs, though the SNL star responded with a big wink, suggesting that he wouldn’t turn down any more giant bags of weed if they happened to come his way.

In a video, shared to Apatow’s Instagram, Davidson revealed the bag he’d received contained ‘a couple weeks’ worth’ of weed, but that he’d managed to resist temptation and gave the bag to his friend.

Pete DavidsonPA Images

Though Davidson has proved successful so far, it will be interesting to see whether he continued to resist weed now he knows there’s a fan willing to deliver!

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube
  1. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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Emily Brown
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