Oblivious Guy Asks Tony Hawk If He Knows He Looks Like Tony Hawk

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Oblivious Guy Asks Tony Hawk If He Knows He Looks Like Tony HawkPA/Tony Hawk/Twitter

We’ve no doubt all had that cringe-inducing moment where we mistake someone for somebody else entirely, whether we’ve waved at them or – even worse – gone to give them a hug before realising the error of our ways.

But while for most of us we can tuck such moments away in that little box of forgotten memories in our head, never to be spoken about again, for others it happens on a much more public platform. Say, for example, on Twitter, for all of Tony Hawk’s 4.3 million followers to see.

Lost? Let me explain. Recently, a fan of the professional skateboarder happened to meet him in a store he was working at, but at first the employee didn’t realise who he was speaking to. So much so that he actually asked Tony Hawk if he was aware that he looked like Tony Hawk.

Tony Hawk PA Images

The skateboarder decided to document the hilarious incident on his Twitter, explaining to his fans that he had been standing outside the changing rooms at Tillys waiting for his daughter when the unknowing fan approached him.

The fan, who Hawk described as the ‘guy folding clothes nearby’, proceeded to ask the 52-year-old, ‘Anyone tell you that you look like Tony Hawk?’

Hawk then looked over at the clothes-folding guy ‘expecting sarcasm but realising he’s serious’, and responded, ‘You have no idea.’ The guy then said, ‘That’s cool, he’s cool,’ to which Hawk thanked him – much to his confusion.

Obviously, Hawk got bored of waiting for his daughter, because he took to Twitter straight away to tell his followers about the case of mistaken identity.

‘He was still standing by me when I posted this and it felt awkward to be reading replies in real time, so I broke the news to him,’ Hawk wrote. ‘Say hello to Austin. He’s cool too.’

He then shared a picture of himself standing next to Austin, and although both were wearing face masks, the giant smile on Austin’s face at meeting his hero couldn’t be mistaken.

Obviously, the Twitter-verse couldn’t get enough of the wholesome exchange and the tweet went viral immediately, with hundreds of people commenting beneath the photo to let the skateboarder know how much they appreciated him sharing it.

‘This needs to be a reality series,’ one person wrote. ‘Come on @netflix do your thing!’ Another agreed, writing, ‘Can we make these into a book? If you need an illustrator lemme know.’

One said they ‘loved’ that Hawk continues to share his interactions with fans who don’t even recognise him, while another said, ‘I literally started following you for these great interactions you have with the public. Keep them coming.’

Clearly, Tony Hawk is a stand-up guy and if you want to see more of him – well, a version of him anyway – I’ve got great news for you as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 Remastered is out right this second.

Don’t say I never do anything for you.

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Tony Hawk/Twitter
  1. Tony Hawk/Twitter


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