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Robert Downey Jr. was horrified by what he saw when he visited Wall Street in the ‘90s
Featured Image Credit: LIVE Entertainment/Triton Pictures

Robert Downey Jr. was horrified by what he saw when he visited Wall Street in the ‘90s

The actor rips into 'obnoxious' Financial District of Lower Manhattan.

A video of Robert Downey Jr. visiting Wall Street in the '90s has resurfaced, showing the actor horrified by what he saw.

The Iron Man star was involved in a documentary called The Last Party, which followed him giving reports and interviews at the Democratic National Convention in 1992.

The clip that has gone viral on social media shows the actor blown away after spending time in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan.

As Robert looks on at the New York Stock Exchange floor, he shares some words of disgust amid the biggest stock exchange on the planet.

In the scene that resembles something out of The Wolf of Wall Street, Robert says: “If money is evil, then that building is hell.

“This the most obnoxious group of money-hungry, low-IQ, high-energy, jack-rabbit, f**kin’ wannabe-bigtime, smalltime s*t-talking, bothersome, irritating, immature motherf**kers I've ever had to endure for more than five minutes.”

Offt. He didn’t hold back.

The video, which has been viewed more than seven million times on Twitter, had many agreeing with the actor’s stance.

One user wrote: “I formed that same opinion after being around business students for four years.”

Another said: “Can you blame him for saying this? Wall Street looks like something that would give me anxiety attacks.”

A third commented: “Priceless commentary by Downey at the end. Listen, laugh and weep all at once.”

While another noted: “‘Something I always wondered when I saw stock exchange videos like this is how a crowd of men screaming over each other and shaking papers in the air resulted in clear and accurate trades because it just looks like a clusterf**k.”

Downey Jr. is lucky the documentary wasn't filmed later in that decade when the dot-com bubble truly kicked off.

The rise of the internet saw huge sums of money being trade on stock exchanges all over the world and no doubt the scenes inside the New York one would have made the actor even more shocked.

Another clip of the actor making the rounds shows a scene from the same documentary, in which Robert advocates for women’s reproductive rights while speaking to a conservative rallying for abortion to be made illegal.

The actor tells the pro-lifer that if they have ‘their way’ more illegal abortions would take place, leading to more deaths among women.

The conservative replies there’s a ‘spiritual warfare’ unfolding in this country, adding he abides by his ‘Lord and saviour Jesus Christ’.

One user wrote: “Perfect opportunity to show you this clip of him advocating for pro-choice and women’s rights against pro-life protests, he’s always been a real one.”

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