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Paul Rudd stars in fan's music video after meeting at Taylor Swift concert
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Claud

Paul Rudd stars in fan's music video after meeting at Taylor Swift concert

Hollywood may still be shut down, but Paul Rudd has been busy helping indie artist Claud with their new music video

While half of Hollywood is on strike, Paul Rudd is still hard at work.

Though the Marvel actor might not be making any big blockbusters, he did make time to star in an indie music video for a fan he bumped into at a concert.

Like his superhero alter-ego, the 54-year-old saved the day when he agreed to appear in singer Claud’s new video after a chance encounter at a Taylor Swift concert.

Starring in the new single ‘A Good Thing’, Rudd plays a bumbling mailman who constantly causes chaos for the musician.

Even more touchingly, Claud took to TikTok to explain how they landed the A-lister after approaching him during Swift’s Eras Tour.

The Marvel actor agreed to appear after the chance meeting.

Spotting the Ant-man star in the VIP tent, the 24-year-old explained: “I was like, ‘Paul Rudd, this sounds kind of weird but there’s a song on my album, the song’s called ‘Paul Rudd'," Claud confessed in the short clip.

“He was so nice about it and he gave me his email and was like, ‘Send it to me. I’d love to hear your album’,” they added, saying that they ‘can’t believe’ the actor gave them his address.

After listening to Claud’s music, Rudd even emailed to say he ‘loved the album’ – proving he’s Hollywood’s ultimate good guy.

Still in shock, Claud asked whether the Clueless star would appear in their new music video and of course, he accepted immediately.

Rudd and Claud can be seen dancing throughout the video.

In the TikTok, they spoke about filming and revealed that the actor came for the ‘whole entire day’, adding: “He stayed for like five hours, and we shot that whole scene and danced outside.”

Calling it the ‘best day’ of their life, Rudd even deployed his comedy skills as a chaotic, ferret-owning (yes, you read that right), mailman who is awful at his job.

Hilariously, the actor can be seen dancing throughout the new music video and attempting to hand every piece of mail to the confused musician.

In one scene, he even discusses the pitfalls of life as a postie telling Claud: “You have no idea. It’s just like, I’m walking, it’s so many houses, it’s hot, I have this ferret … something’s wrong with his eye.”

While it might not be his biggest role, fans have been delighted by the video with one saying this was their ‘movie of the year’.

If you still can’t get enough of the famous funny man, you can watch Rudd in the new music video on YouTube.

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