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People are calling Mike Tyson 'not human' after seeing footage of him in his prime
Featured Image Credit: ESPN

People are calling Mike Tyson 'not human' after seeing footage of him in his prime

Video doing the rounds on social media shows Mike Tyson at the top of his game

If most people had to name three legendary boxers off the top of their head, the chances are that Mike Tyson would probably be one of them.

The heavyweight fighter became known for his skill in the ring, and remains one of the most widely-known names in boxing.

And a video from a fight at Madison Square Garden in New York in 1986 shows just why Tyson has become such a huge name in boxing.

The match was against Reggie Gross, who was 14 pounds heavier than Tyson but coming off the back off a loss.

Tyson was ranked by the WBC as the number four heavyweight contender at the time of the fight.

A clip shows the extraordinary moment that Tyson knocks down Gross with a well-timed punch.

The video sees Tyson dodging punch after punch from Gross, who is unable to land a blow on Tyson.

Waiting for the right moment, Tyson's left arm then darts out, knocking Gross to the floor.

Mike Tyson vs Reggie Gross.
YouTube / Ol Skool Boxin

The video was posted to Twitter with the caption: "Mike Tyson in his prime, was not a human."

People jumped into the comments to share their thoughts on the iconic boxer.

One person wrote: "No one could match him. His style was impetuous, his defense was impregnable, and he was just ferocious."

Another replied: "It was like punching at air, that hit back like forging iron on an anvil."

A third highlighted how frustrating it must have been for Gross as he tried to land a blow on Tyson.

They wrote: "That would be so annoying it's like the mosquito in your room at night.

"Punching air tryna hit it and then it goes right for your ear."

Tyson lands the punch.
YouTube / Ol Skool Boxin

But not everyone shares that view, with UFC fighter Brendan Schaub even telling Tyson to his face that he thought Tyson Fury would be able to beat him.

In an appearance on podcast The Lions Den with Mike Tyson and Friends, Schaub said: “Mike, before you answer, this is no disrespect but for me, technically-wise, Fury can go defence. His footwork is great.

“To me, as far as technique-wise, he is the best we’ve ever had.”

Of course, Tyson disagreed with the assessment, replying: “Listen, just him being Tyson Fury shows my greatness.

“I don’t know. I don’t care if he could beat me or not. His name is Tyson. He can beat me but I don’t care he is named after the greatest fighter that ever lived.”

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